Friday, February 23, 2007

Come on, Let's See What You've Got

Alas, my computer still isn't working. For the most part, I had to take last night off in order to allow for my daughter chauffering duties.

I e-mailed my friend Gareth and talked to my brother over the phone about my computer woes. They both introduced the concept of a power source problem. If that is the issue, it sounds like it will be kind of costly to remedy, so I definitely want to eliminate all other variables before I call Dell and order whatever it is I need to order to fix it.

Sarcastic Fringehead, who is awesome, has also been encouraging me to contact her boyfriend, and I may get to that point this weekend, if I can't get in touch with my friend, Bob. All this "asking for help" stuff is really hard for me and goes against all of my orphan issues. On any normal day, I like to fool myself into thinking that I'm self-sufficient, but as we are all now witnessing, I am not. There. I said it, and now I have to just suck it up and ask people (who have already offered) for help. That's my plan this weekend, in addition to preparing for the nasty winter storm that should be arriving tonight.

I just want everyone to know, that I appreciate all the suggestions and commiserating and I hope to have the problem fixed in the next week. Then, I can get back to writing about such pertinent subjects as the weather and my expanding mid-section.


egan said...

I like it when you blog about the weather and stuff. You also know someone named Gareth? Good luck with the computer stuff.

Churlita said...


Thanks. Maybe I should blog about knowing someone named Gareth. I also have a sister named Moira, and everyone thinks that's weird, too.

David in DC said...

Both Gareth and Moira sound very Canadian or UK.

Whenever my computer won't work (or any other piece of technology, for that matter) and I don't understand it, I blame it on sunspots.

Have you considered cursing at the computer. That sometimes works.

Churlita said...

DAvid in DC,

My sister's name is Irish. I can't remember what Gareth is (Welsh?)

I've already cursed at my computer several times now. But sunspots. I haven't considered the possibility of sunspots before.

Remiman said...

I like it when you swear. ;-)

Since I want your computer in operating condition sooner rather than later, I will refrain from offering any advice on how to fix your machine.

You have another sister named Irish? Where does she fit in?
Gareth would likely be a girl.
Sorry, couldn't help myself...forgive me?

Have a good weekend.
My baby and his belle are coming tonight.

Bice said...

When I get back into full-blown blogging addiction again - if it's anything like the last time - I would likely prostitute myself for a working computer with Internet access so don't ask me for suggestions or help in this situation.

BTW, I love your new avatar.

Mr Atrocity said...

I think Gareth might be Welsh. Most of the Gareths I've met are either Welsh or of Welsh descent.

This computer is being a bit of a pain in the arse now really isn't it? Does it even start up anymore? Does anything appear on the screen. If it's the power I'd expect nothing to happen, if it's a component higher up the chain I'd expect it to start and then snuff it.

Do you have a computer science course where you work? You could threaten to withold monies or whatever from the students until they fix your computer. Starvation is a powerful incentive for a budding nerd.

Mr Atrocity said...

I still wonder if you're suffering from hard drive problems. This is a PDF file about hard-disk reliability put together by Google, who, let's face it, have a few hard-drives to test with. The Cliff Notes version is that they experience an 8% failure rate on their disks per annum, so it's really very common for these things to die. The better news is that they're very cheap to replace. Just a thought.

booda baby said...

Forget about the computer. Stay SAFE. And warm. And all that stuff. We just got the news - the kind that's NOT on the internet. Ohmygosh. Ohmygosh AGAIN.

I'd send you one of my old towers, but you'd get Windows ME. Oooh and ick.

Margaret said...

here's the thing, i don't have orphan issues, so maybe you could ask erica's boyfriend to help me live my vicarious lifestyle by fixing your computer

Les Quinn said...

I have found that when Pc's are pronounced "Terminal" that its Very exhilarating to take them outside and attack them with an Axe.
I guess its a bit like being "Born Again" but you don't have that odd feeling that no-one is going to catch you.

Churlita said...


It sounds like you had a better weekend than I did.


Prostitution, you say? I'm not so sure I'm above it at this point.

Mr Atrocity,

I'm going to see if my friend Bronson will look at my computer. (I'm not sure where his name is from)I've been told that if he can't fix it, it's toast.

Booda Baby,

We made it through alright. We'll see what happens with the next storm.


I know. If I can't get help soon, I'll jsut have to buy me a new crack machine.

Les Quinn,

I was hoping to use an automatic weapon on it.