Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Know This Much is True

This is a picture of the creek across the street from me.

Now, here is a list of some truths I hold to be self-evident.

1. This first one occurred to me this morning when I woke-up still sick, at 5 am, had to curl and spray Coadster's show choir hair up, it was cold and snowy out, oh, and what the hell, let's just throw in a liberal dose of PMS in the mix: A long hot bubble bath will cure about 80% of what ails you, both physical and mental.

2. This truth was given to me by a co-worker who heard it from her seven year old daughter: Another bad thing about the wind and the cold is that it really makes you feel the boogers in your nose.

3. This truth came to me while viewing Coadster's choir concert (regular, as opposed to show choir) on Thursday night: There is no better way to suck the soul out of a spiritual, than by letting Iowa high school students sing it.

4. This one I'm experiencing right now: The best way to spend certain Saturday nights in February is to plant your pale, doughy ass on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, eating Chinese take-out and watching cheesy movies. (I would have added alcohol in there, but I'm on migraine watch 2007 and have to lay off the hooch)


Killer said...

Rain, sleet, or snow, I feel my boogers all the time, and I have really big fingers, so they are hard to extract.

dmarks said...

Or, as little Ralphie Wiggum calls them, "Nose Goblins".

dmarks said...

Churlita, if you are staying off the booze to avoid migraines, what does a person do to avoid migraines if they get them and they are already off booze entirely?

booda baby said...

Oh no. Any kid from Minnesota - from one of the Scandahoovian clans - can kill the juice just thinking about messing with a spiritual. We know. We tried it out before I wrote this. I mean, we pretended we were Minnesotans, and jeeeezus. It was scary.

voyageur said...
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Remiman said...

Firat of all I love the cartoon pic for your profile!

"Another bad thing about the wind and the cold is that it really makes you feel the boogers in your nose." I'll be back in a min. or 5....Jesus I can't stop laughing, and with this cold that aint' funny.

Liz said...

That picture is really beautiful! Do you have snake problems during the summer? Where I live, the glory of a scenic creek pales in comparison to the likelyhood of CooperHeads and Water Moccasins.

Churlita said...


I feel your pain. Maybe you could design a nose picking device and make tons of money. Everone in the Midwest would buy it for sure.


Do you have anything you take for them? I have some pills that are for rheumatoid (sp?) arthritis that I take to help prevent them, and some others I take, after the first ones don't work to make them go away. The combo works pretty well.


I love it when little kids say exactly what you're thinking. I'm sorry about yout cold. Is it getting any better?

Booda Baby,

I'm laughing just trying to imagine you guys right now. I'm sure you don't have to be Iowans, any Midwestern town would do. White people from Chicago can do some damage on a spiritual with all those hards A's too.

Churlita said...

In the Midwest we get water mocassins in quarries, but I've never seen them in creeks. Most poisonous snakes can't take the winters here. I guess some rattlers have been known to come up during the summers on boxcars, but they die once it gets too cold, so we're not infested like in the South.

fringes said...

I think I'm getting sick, too. Let's comfort each other.

My word verification? coy fib. I kid you not.

Les Quinn said...

Thats a great spot!!! I would be tempted to get a pixie costume and Frolic about...

Churlita said...


Oh honey, I hope you feel better soon. Coy fab? That's coyly fabulous!

Les Quinn,

I know, except for all the pollution in that creek...