Monday, December 25, 2006

Lookin' for Food in All the Wrong Places

I found out at the last minute that I would have the girls for most of the day today. I was happy about it, but I didn't have anything planned for dinner and almost no food in my house. I've been letting it run out because the girls are leaving tomorrow until saturday, and I'm also broke.

The problem, of course, is that hardly anything is open on Christmas in my town. I drove around and found a couple of convenience stores and for some reason, Walgreens was open. With those two choices, I imagined our menu options to be either Slim Jims and Little Debbie snack cakes washed down with a 32 ounce Big Gulp, or cough drops and laxatives washed down with some Nyquil. I was thinking the latter might be more fun, but either way, we probably wouldn't feel very good about halfway through dinner.

So, I did what I always do when I need some good suggestions, or if I ever want to read a post where a man talks to his penis - I perused Neil's blog. Once there, my issue was instantly solved. In his post he wrote, "If you want me today, you can find me with the other Jews at your local Chinese restaurant, playing Mah Jongg with the restaurant staff." That was it. I called around to see if any Chinese restaurants were open, and luckily, our favorite one was serving like it was just another day. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated non-Christians today.

Then I got to wondering if I had ever had to work on Christmas day. There was at least one. In 1986, I was cooking at a ski resort in Big Bear Lake, California. I had to work a double shift on Christmas because everyone else except one other guy was at home ill. We were both sick too, but neither of us could afford to see a doctor, so we weren't able to procure a note excusing us. I'm sure we infected more than one B movie actor that day. I still have visions of Jan Michael Vincent, Cheech Marin, or Pam Dawber struck down with my particular strain of virus.


Bice said...

I thought of Neil's comment when my nephew and brother went to a Chinese restaurant yesterday and my nephew (who is grown) said, "I felt just like my Jewish friends from New York today!"

I'd have done Chinese in a heartbeat because in my book every day is a good day for Chinese food but Missy invited her Sister (my SIL) over for a home-cooked meal.

Margaret said...

it's nice to feel like you've effected someone deeply on Christmas, like sharing a virus...

booda baby said...

Even the worst crap looks wonderful and doesn't taste all that bad in the glow of Christmas (a lesson I've learned enjoyed over and over) so Chinese sounds like it would be super duper deeeeelicious.

Was it?

Remiman said...

Gosh, if I had the gift of prescience, I would have sent you a red rider BB gun, and a leg shaped lamp.

Churlita said...


Actually, Chinese food was perfect yesterday. I wouldn't have turned down a home cooked meal either, though.


I've been told that I have a big effect on people. Luckily, I didn't have Ebola or anything, or Cheech Marin would never have been able to make that big comeback in the 90's like he did.

Booda Baby,

It was great, and best of all, I have leftovers for tonight.


You know, my Aunt brought up A Christmas Story when I told her I was going out for Chinese food. I haven't seen that movie in forever. I need to watch it again.

Shaymus said...

Oh, Your a Hunch Back....Your poor thing!

Thomas said...

I just posted my "out of food on Christmas" story.

Churlita said...


I don't get it. Am I missing something, or is that a quote from A Christmas Story that I don't remember?


I just read your post. It was very funny. I'm glad I wasn't the only one going out to eat on Christmas.

Shaymus said...

No it is just the way your jacket is draped over your chair and looks like you are covering a hump.

Churlita said...

Oh, I get it. That's my daughter, so that's why I was confused. She's not a hunchback either, though. Ha, ha.

shaymus said...

Oh yes Of course she's your daughter....I must try to see past my hugly oversized nose and read before i draw my pen....I am glad she is not a hunchback...Its very hard for hunchbacks nowadays I suppose.

Churlita said...


That's what's so weird about reading people's blogs, (initially)the blogger assumes that people know what she/he is talking about and the blog reader has to try to piece it together from one or two posts.