Saturday, December 16, 2006

Love is Like Oxygen

Yesterday, Margaret listed me as one of her blog crushes. She even called me her fantasy girlfriend. It was just the kind of props I needed on a cranky Friday afternoon. It's even better, because I feel the same way about her.

Since I'm feeling the love today, I thought I'd combine that sentiment with my ongoing scannning of old photos project and put up pictures of my parents wedding in 1958:

I have a lot more wedding photos than I'm putting on here and when S. was visiting, we looked at all of them. We both thought that the best part of the photos were the people in the background. If you look right behind my mom, it appears that James Dean may have even attended their wedding.

Here is my aunt helping my mom get ready for the ceremony. I think this was taken at the church. The reception was held at my grandparent's house.

This is my favorite photo. My grandfather is helping my mom into the getaway car.

Here are two of my uncles vandalizing my parent's car. My folks grew up a block away from each other on the Southside of Chicago. My dad was a year younger than my mom, so they didn't really notice each other until my dad came back from Germany where he was stationed during the Korean War and my mom got back from all of her adeventures in Mexico and South America. I bet it makes it easier to get along when both families have known each since they were born.

Here are my parents officially hitched. My sister likes to blame every physical flaw we have on my dad. Since he's not around to defend himself, he's an easy scapegoat. I think every family should have one.


Mark said...

Very cool. I've never really thought about it, but there are no pictures from my parents' wedding. That seems odd to me now.

Anyway, thanks for posting this stuff; there are some truly great images here.

Churlita said...


Thanks. I'm not sure if my parents would have had so many wedding photos either, except that all their friends were photographers. It does seem odd that your parents don't have any wedding pictures taken at all. Maybe they had them in an album that got lost along the way.

Bice said...

I love old pictures from the 50's. It's it odd seeing our parents at the age we are now? It's surreal.

Churlita said...

I love old pictures from any decade. I have some from the thrities and forties of my mom and I could look at them for hours.

Remiman said...

My mom and dad got married in a chapel at an army base in Virgina. No formal gown for my mom and his uniform for dad. Even so, there are no pictures of that day at all. There are photos of them when they came to NY on furlough to see family. My mom was from Indiana, but she stayed with dad's family in NY and she was pregnant for me. In the mean time dad went to the Phillipines.
OK. That's the geneology class for today.
Oh, and there will be a test on Friday!
Have a great week girl.

Churlita said...


It seems like it was more common for couples not to take wedding picture back in the day.

I'm ready for the test. I've always been good at history.