Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Never Saw the Devil Look So Damn Clean

I'm going to make this quick because I already wrote an entire post, and Blogger closed down for no apparent reason. So, now I've had two beers that have done nothing to make me drunk, and everything to make me tired and stupid, it's after midnight, and I can't remember what all I just wrote.

Sometimes when all you're writing is bullshit anyway, having to recall it and write it twice, just highlights the ridiculousness of it. It's like being at a bar and trying to tell your friend which one of your mutual acquaintances has herpes, and the band is so loud, your friend can't hear. So, you repeat it, and as you're screaming, "Jenny Jones has the hoips!" the song ends and you're left feeling embarrassed and catty.

All I was going to say, was that lately I've been smelling like my ex-boyfriend. Out of nowhere, I'll catch a whiff of myself, and it's the exact same odor as my ex. (which isn't at all bad)

The other day, I finally figured it out. Last week my neighbor came by and dropped off her old laundry detergent. She got a front loader and it required some very specific kind of soap. So, apparently my ex-boyfriend washed his clothes using All. The things you find out about a guy ten years after you date him...


Bice said...

Sounds like you and I were both post-midnight blogging tonight.

I have found that writing in the wee hours isn't always wise. I wish I had a few beers in me right now... and I don't even drink (anymore).

Remiman said...

I thought it might be something you ate.
ie: garlic, onions etc.

Margaret said...

weird how strong smell memories are.

Churlita said...


I agree. I can never form a thought after about 10, so blogging is even more tricky.


At first I thought it was the fact that he used to have a wood burning stove, and maybe I was smelling smoky. then I figured out it was the detergent. I used to date another guy who took garlic pills, so I guees I could smell like a stinkier boyfriend.


Smell is one of my strongest memory senses. Sometimes music can be as powerful, but mostly it's all about the olefcatory

Egan said...

Margaret told me to comment on your blog or else...

Anyways, funny how we can recognize smells like that. Every family has a certain scent. His seems to be ALL-right.

Your neighbor is very kind.

Churlita said...

I'm glad that you commented, but don't let Margaret bully you into commenting if you're not into it.

I've been meaning to check out your blog too, but I've been waiting for Margaret to tell me when it was okay. Just kidding. I love it that Margaret told you to comment on here.

Egan said...

Churlita, I may have told a little white lie there. The bullying from Margaret never happened. It was just my lame way of saying I stumbled upon your blog via hers. Thanks for commenting on mine.

Churlita said...

I was just giving you shit anyway. I really like your blog and I'm linking you.

Egan said...

Really, must you link me? I dread attention. Okay, so maybe that isn't the case. Link away I say.

Churlita said...


I've found that most bloggers really dread attention - which is why they choose to talk about their lives on the internets.