Saturday, December 09, 2006

Too Proud to be a Queen

Tonight was the first Friday night in months that we were all home at the same time. It was a good night to rest up, because most of this weekend should be insane. One of my many friends named S. is coming to town from Chicago tomorrow and I'm so excited. Coadster also has two show choir performances to give, so there was much preparation for that tonight as well.

I swear my daughters are going to make a girl out of me yet. I had to learn the finer points of a little thing called show choir hair. The process was very lengthy and required much paraphernalia and product. Here's the recipe: First take most of the hair and clip it on top of a show choir girl's head. Next, make weird fake-curlers out of Kleenex by rolling them. Then roll and tie little bits of hair while combing water and then gel into strange knots in several rows on top of the show choir girl's head. Once all the rows are made, take a can of hairspray and apply to the strange head knots while at the same time, blowing huge holes in the ozone layer all by yourself. Once the hair is basically shellacked, tie a bandana around the whole mess and look just like my friend's mom's did in the early seventies driving their huge station wagons to the store.

Don't worry, I'll be sure to take tons of pictures of Coadster in full sequined, make-upped, show choir regalia and post them for you all to see the final product.

On her Friday night staying in, Stinky decided to indulge in one her favorite pastimes - taking funky looking self-portraits. For this series, Stinky painted a blue heart over one of her eyes and liberally applied dark dramatic lipstick. She looked like she should be auditioning for a KISS cover band. The top photo she took through this pink mesh hanging thing she uses to store her shoes.

In this one, she looks like she could be in a 1960's B horror film. Which, of course, is why I like it.


Bice said...

Stinky seems to have quite the dramatic flair with a camera. Pretty cool self portraits actually.

Hopefully you'll hold up as well as your hair does this weekend.

Remiman said...

Have fun this weekend friend.
Pics are way cool. Shellac?
Woo, that oughta be slick. ;-)

Churlita said...


Stinky has a dramatic flair with everything.

My hair will be fine, I just hope Coadster's hari holds up through two show choir performances.


Thanks. I plan on it. It will be interesting to see how her hair turns out in the end.