Wednesday, December 27, 2006

And the Cat's in the Cradle and the Silver Spoon

Here's me a year before I had children and still had time to cultivate that early nineties hair...

It's day two of my girls being up in Wisconsin, and I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss them. Yes, it's nice to come home and not have to leave immediately in order to taxi teenagers for several hours, and I like being able to listen to my music, but I miss almost everything else. Worst of all, there is no one to blame when I trip over shoes in the middle of the living room - there's only one person who could have left them there. It all seems like a preview of what my life will be in a few short years when my girls up and leave me for good. But before I become a melancholy baby and start bumming your high too, I thought I'd write a short list of things that made me laugh today:

1.) I went to the mall and bought a bunch of stinky girlie bubble bath, along with a pair of big man boots.

2.) I saw a Myspace profile who's name was, "Scarborough Unfair".

3.) Somebody applied to school here and gave us this e-mail address - babymamadramaorama24-7.

4.) A person googled, "stinky boys butts" to get to my blog. While I understand that Bice likes to answer people's search engine inquiries, I was at a loss as to how to respond. Should I say, "yes" or "no"? Maybe I should just respond by writing, "and how".

...And here's me after my daughters became teenagers - I'm shoveling shit, making a goofy face and flipping off the whole world.


Bice said...

>stinky boys butts

Yeah. Sorry. That was me. I couldn't remember your URL and I knew that phrase would lead me here. Don't ask me how I knew I just did ok?

Egan said...

I love the overalls. So I must find your MySpace profile and see how many Friends you have.

Remiman said...

Sometimes I think google has it head up it's butt. ;-)

you look good sittin' down or shovelin' shit. It must be the smiling finger.

Margaret said...

everyone needs a picture of themself actually shovelling shit... which will make for some good google searches.

booda baby said...

That's a great list to make, the stuff that made me laugh. Isn't that weird, how much easier it is to keep track of anything that pisses us off?

Another mystery, never to be solved.

EEK said...

Churlita -- even when your kids move out, they never really leave home. I was down visiting my parents last weekend for the holidays and got made fun of by my brother for constantly referring to all of my parents things as 'our' stuff. Saying things like, "Do we have a sauce pan I can use to melt the chocolate?" I also had a twenty minute argument with my three year-old nephew about whether the bedroom upstairs belonged to me or him.

I haven't lived in my parent's house or in the same city for over ten years, but it still feels like home.

Churlita said...


I tell you and I tell you, I am not the Stinky boys butts blog...Oh who am I trying to kid? I am so the stinky boys butts blog.


the link to my Myspace is on my blog under more web stalking. I don't have a ton of friends because I won't accept the creepy guys invitations.


Google has its head up its stinky boy butt.

Thanks. my middle finger is always smiling.


Yeah, you just can't have enough pictures of yourself shovelling shit, can you?

Booday Baby,

man, if I made lists of all the things that piss me off, I would write about 100 posts a day.

Churlita said...


I'm not sure if that's comforting or scary. I love it that you got into an argument with your nephew about your old room, though. Did you win?

TLB said...

You look HOT!

Churlita said...

Thanks. Do you mean when I'm shoveling shit or before I had kids?

TLB said...

Either. I shoveled shit too, back in the day, so I ignore that part.

Churlita said...

Thanks. Shoveling shit really isn't that bad...or maybe I've just lived in Iowa too long and now have a skewed idea of what's good and bad.