Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm Taking What They're Givin' Cuz I'm Working For a Livin'

Here is a picture of a train.

Another night where I'm only capable of random thoughts:

1.) I think Blogger, as my brother-in-law says, is eight-tracking me. I haven't switched to Beta yet, because change is bad and I suck at computer-y things. I know others who had problems with their templates during the transition and I really don't need any new frustrations in my life right now. Lately, though, Blogger hasn't been letting me comment on many Beta blogs, so I guess this weekend, I'll have to invite a completely new and different frustration into my life and finally switch over. If I haven't been commenting on your blog and you have Beta, I'm sorry, but now you know why.

2.) I've been very busy and stressed out about not having any time or money. Then tonight, I fuck with myself even more by burning a pan of brown rice and spilling half a box of cereal all over the kitchen floor. So, now I have even less time and money and I'm feeling really guilty about wasting food. That'll learn me.

3.) My work Christmas party is tomorrow. In the past we were given the option to attend, or take off for two hours. Since I spend way more time with my co-workers than my family or by myself, I have always chosen to walk home and wash dishes and hang-out by myself while the girls were at school. Sadly, an hour alone to clean is many a single mom's fantasy. This year, I was informed that the party was not optional. Whatever. We're also supposed to bring a potluck item, and since I've been busy wasting my food and making new messes to clean-up, I don't have the energy or inclination to cook for a party I don't want to attend anyway. My boss told me I didn't have to bring anything, I just had to go. This is just the kind of thing that sends my self-diagnosed Oppositional Defiance Disorder spiraling out of control.

4.) This weekend while my friend S. was in town, she thought we should take some time to find me a new imaginary boyfriend. I was open to it, because when it isn't pathetic and sad, it can sometimes be fun to have a crush on someone. We didn't have much luck this weekend, but my eyes are still open. This time, instead of crushing out on someone I feel I would actually be compatible with, I've decided to go completely the other way. I just think the rejection will be easier to stomach if it's by someone way younger, hotter and completely wrong for me.


Mr Atrocity said...

Hmmm, this beta thing has me wondering. I'm still non-beta because I've tinkered with my template a lot and I have no desire to have all my lovely(ish) hand crafted CSS munged by the upate mechanism but it might explain why when I left a comment on Ondine's blog it used my real first name and linked back to a non-existant user profile, because she's now upgraded I believe. If you're worried about anonymity I'd suggest being very careful to watch exactly what happens when you upgrade lest Chulita is unmasked accidentally.

I'm going to have to bite the bullet too pretty soon I fear.

Anonymous said...

I've switched and it's really very cool but it did not transfer the links hence I had to add them all again so if you have links make sure you note them all before switching over so you can re ad them. I only had links to other blogs so I didn't lose much really. If you can handle that though you will find that it is much faster and other than that really not much different.

PS I had my xmas party today. I work for friends who are totally awesome and my work environment is much fun. Unfortunately I had to remain sober because I had a toddler to ferry to a Christmas party and a teenager to pick up from her end of year bash.

Anonymous said...

I switched last week and it was not too difficult. I did have readjust all my font size changes I had made.

You should go to the party and be so obnoxious that next year they make you NOT come.

Anonymous said...

That sucks about the company christmas party, ang the beta blogger thing, I switched and it wasn't that bad, but commenting was initially a problem.

booda baby said...

I'm going to hold out on switching til the last possible second because I'm just way too lazy to bother keeping up.

But - on to the impo'tant stuff. Frustration if so ... frustrating. If I was in charge of handing stuff out, your application woulg get a big 'give her exactly what she wants' stamp.

What would you do with all the extra time?

Anonymous said...

I think a younger, hotter imaginary boyfriend is the way to go. I haven't had an imaginary boyfriend in such a long time. *sigh* Oh, except for Mr. Gosling, of course, who handily won in a smackdown between him, joaquin phoenix and ioan gruffud.

Anonymous said...

I would bring the dirty brown rice and cereal casorole to the party. I hate mandatory fun days. I went over the wall yesterday to avoid a team building excercise.

I just copied all my links and pasted them into new template and it worked out fine. The only thing I forgot for a couple of weeks was to put the page tracker link back in.

Anonymous said...

Well I've just made the change to the beta version and it was pretty painless actually. All my links and whatnot were preserved but that may be because of all the fiddling I've done with the template. So far so good.

RE the Christmas party, can you not get very drunk? that's how I usually cope with these types of social nightmares. It numbs your pain and makes it less likely that they'll ask you back. See, a plan with no down-side.

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

Yeah, the bugs are definitely showing themselves on both Beta and regular. I'll be sure and be careful about unmasking myself.


If I worked with people I had things in common with, I would be way more receptive to hanging out with them, but as it is, I'd be happier having that time to myself.


My friend Dex reminded me to copy and save all my template settings so I'll definitely do that.

Also, I thought I was obnoxious enough everyday around the office that they shouldn't want me there. Maybe I'll have to start xeroxing pictures of my ass again to see if that helps.


That's what I'm worried about. Since I'm an obsessive commenter and I love comment conversation, I feel so stifled not being able to talk shit the way I want to.

Booda Baby,

I wish you were in charge here. maybe then I'd want to go to the Christmas party. The sad thing is, I was just going to go home and wash dishes. It would have been so nice to get off work and have those done already.


I know, me too. It just might be tricky finding one in this town. I forgot to mention that they couldn't be dumb either. See, now my options are even more limited.


Thanks for that helpful hint. Team building exercises make me want to pop my eyeballs out with spoons, but some of my co-workers just love them.

Mr. Atrocity,

That's good to know. You are so brave to change like that, but you do have way more computer knowledge than I.

I work for the state, so alcohol is not allowed. If I had been thinking ahead, I would have filled a flask or brought along some Darvon to make it more bearable.

Anonymous said...

Vodka is colourless and goes well with a whole host of non-alcoholic beverage that there'll probably be on offer. I'm just sayin'...

broinlaw said...

O.K. Churly-Churl, heres the plan to get out most of the party and make it special for everyone else.

Go to the party, be happy, chatty, full of spirit...and unusually hungry. Taste any and all food in sight and comment loudly about how good it all tastes.

After about 15 minutes of chatting and munching...excuse yourself to the most remote restroom in the building, lock the door and read a book for 15 minutes.

THEN, emerge from the restroom, tell the first person you see that you are sick and going home. Never admit you think its food poisoning, but suggest that you were really enjoying shrimp (or whatever) and just...suddenly..felt...ulp...gotta go!

Voila! You get to go home an hour and a half early, and will make this the party everyone will remember (and possibly regret!)

Just do it. Happy Hollandaise!


Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

Vodka would be perfect. too bad I get drunk and loud so fast or I would definitely try it.

Bro In Law,

Well, I just came back, I did eat the food and sat at a table with some folks I like. They were starting to play games and sing carrols and I saw some other people take off, so I figured I could beat a hasty retreat too. Fairly painless, but not half as good as going home, cranking up my music and washing dishes so I could come home to a clean house tonight. I like your idea better.

broinlaw said...

The cool thing about the fake-food poisoning is that about a third of the folks there will actually convince themselves that they are sick too. Too much fun.

Anonymous said...

(Theme from Great Escape playing)

Time for a blitz out. There is a blind spot in the wire between the two guard towers. Run for it...

Bice said...

I've never understood employers requiring your attendance at a Christmas party. What if you were Jewish, or a Jehovah's witness or something?

As for going Beta, just update. It may be bumpy at first but thet's the future of blogger and you're going to have to do it sooner or later. We're loyal readers. We'll stick with you through the process.

Remiman said...

I'll be the last one in. Beta that is.
I've imagined having a girl tired of hugging air. ;-)

Our Christmas party has gone south as far as I'm concerned.. I'm with you. find something I like to do with that time.

A two hour run would be fine with me.

Churlita said...

Bro In-law,

Isn't that funny? I've heard that happens when you fake a stomach flu to call in sick and everyone else in the office feels like they're getting it too. Not that I've ever done that, but I've heard stories...


Wasn't there a Simpsons episode where they take from the Great Escaper where Maggie and her friends escape their daycare?


They get around that by calling it a holiday party. And just so you know, you are one of the people I can't comment on. So, hopefully sometime this weekend I'll rectify that.


I wish I could take a two hour run instead of the Christmas party, I would be in a much better mood.