Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Just a Place to Call Your Own, As We Drift Into the Zone.

Well, kids. It was a glorious holiday weekend, but man, am I exhausted from it. Friday night was nice and mellow. Originally, Coadster was going to stay with us, but some of her old co-workers were going to a baseball game and wanted her to join them. I was sad not to get to hang out with her, but it's good for her to get out and have some fun whenever she can.

I did make myself a lovely bouquet of the Peonies and Daisies I have in backyard and side yard gardens.

John and I also set up these nice solar lights for the garden. John thought it would help the bunnies find their favorite foods better at night...

On Saturday morning we headed to Burlington for John to race up Snake Alley. I used to do the race too, but I am just too old, fat and slow to do it now. I was before too, but back then I was delusional and thought I might lose enough weight or gain enough strength to be able to be competitive in it and now I am more realistic.

Instead of racing, I get to hang out on the hill and eat homemade cinnamon rolls from the bakery downtown and talk to my friends, take photos and heckle the racers. I am soooo much more competitive in those kinds of activities. I could win a homemade cinnamon roll eating contest with very little effort.

Some of our friends joined us to watch races and I brought a picnic lunch. It was all very fun and nice. John and I went home at around 1. I wanted to get a little bike work-out in and do some stuff around the house.

John took me out for dinner in the evening and we went home to watch the movie "Paterson". It's a Jim Jarmusch movie, so it was quiet and not at all plot driven, but John and I both really liked it. It was a mellow evening, which was exactly what we needed before the next two very social days.

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