Saturday, May 20, 2017

That's What You Get When You Are a Dork.

Okay. Remember when I told you that we went to that sculpture garden in Des Moines last week? Well, we felt the need to take many silly photos among the art. We took this one of the two of us but then thought we should use the color to our advantage.

We took a photo of Stinky next to the purple prism thingy because it matches her purple hair. See how she stands there and looks adorable and not weird and awkward? I hear that they call that poise...Yeah. I'm not familiar  with it.

Since I'm wearing blue, Stinky tries to take a picture of me next to the blue prism. While I "pose", she says, "Oh my god. Why do you look so awkward? What are you doing with your hands?"

So, I say, "Oh you want awkward? I'll give you awkward." And I give her my most "so uncomfortable with myself it almost hurts" pose, with thumbs up and everything. That's what she gets...And I suppose this picture is what I get. I sure showed me, didn't I? Sigh.

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