Thursday, May 25, 2017

You're Still You. Remember You, Rosy Child and Wild With Apple Lungs

For a while there, what with all the engagements and marriages in my house, it felt like we were living at the end of a Jane Austen novel. But real life is nothing like a book, and so some things have changed.

Coadster turned 25 about a week and a half ago, and I'm not sure if it was the age, or that she started really looking at things, or that in her head, she thought she had to do things in a certain way and a particular time frame and after she did all of those things - go to college, find a partner, get a job, get engaged - she found that none of it made her happy.

Anyway, she has decided to effectively tear it all down and start over again. She had a very stressful job that she is quitting (you don't know how happy that makes me), she got unengaged and moved out from her former fiance (which makes me sad, since I really liked the guy, but I understand that they weren't right for each other) and she is spending the Summer road tripping. Man, am I envious of the Summer road tripping part.

She might go away and come back in the Fall with a whole new set of goals, or she might decide to take things easy, get a job and just keep plugging along at an easier pace, or she might decide that what she was doing was just fine and go back to it. I don't know, but whatever she does, she will decide it after having thought a lot about what she wants, instead of going through the motions, trying to what she thought was expected of her.

Of course, this has all been very hard for her. She doesn't want to hurt anyone, but she also didn't want to stay where she was, get married have a mortgage and kids and THEN decide it wasn't going to work. So, she is going through all kinds of bad stuff right now, but I hope she takes the time to work on herself and her issues, so she doesn't have to go through something like this over and over again.

Life can be such a difficult process when you're young...And even when you're old. In my book, being true to yourself is the only route to take, no matter how tough that can be. I'm hoping she figures things out and has a great adventure in the process.

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