Friday, May 26, 2017

So, I'll Continue to Continue to Pretend My Life Will Never End and Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall

I'm thinking it's time for a little garden porn. I don't have a lot of flowers up yet, but we do have Peonies, which I love.

I have a large portion of my yard now turned into gardens. It has been a lot of work, but I like the work, so I'm okay with it. The only problem is getting to all of the gardens. Our backyard is all shade, so I was trying to landscape things nicely and turn most of it into a shade garden. Every year I plant more Lilies and Daisies. I just need to take some time now to put down weed cloth, lava rock and border it all out with bricks and flag stone. One of these days...

Meanwhile, my gigantic vegetable garden is doing quite well, thank you. I have never really grown egg plant before, so I had no idea the flowers would be so lovely. I can't wait for those flowers to become even lovelier food.

We've had a lot of rain here lately, so my green beans sprouted about 4 or 5 days after I planted them. I just hope whatever has been eating some of them, doesn't take them all down.

John loves peppers, so I decided to grow all kinds of them. Right now I have Poblanos, Banana Peppers, Anaheim, jalapen~o's and green, red, orange and purple bell peppers. Woo hoo!

This front yard garden thing has been so wonderful for me. We've been eating greens with pretty much every meal, I made Swiss Chard for the first time and loved it and I made my first batch of pesto of the year with our basil. The best part is the response from my neighbors. Being in the front yard, and living on a street where so many people walk, run and ride their bikes, I get a lot of traffic by my garden. I have so many little kids stop by with their parents to tell me that they think my garden is pretty or cute and one little boy stopped by to tell me what his favorite vegetable was (corn) and then when I was watering, I had him tell me which plant I should spray the gun at and he thought that was just the funnest thing. Before he left, he told me I can never go back inside my house. That I should stay outside and when he and his mom come by, he'll yell at me and look at my garden and then I have to go with them and look at their garden. Sounds perfect.

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