Monday, May 08, 2017

I Feel so High, I Even Touch the Sky

Last week Heidi had oral surgery. She had gingivitis and some stank breath and she had to go into the vet where they doped her up and pulled 6 of her teeth. They gave her some kind of opiate that they said would last 3 days. They also shaved her legs so they could put IV's in. So, now she looks a bit Dr Seussy and kind of like a kitty Corgi.

They said the opiates she was on would make her very affectionate and boy were they right. They also make her tail all fluffy and the first day she was home, her pupils were so dilated that she could have been an anime cat.

She has been so sweet and cuddly that we want to ask the vet if we can dope her up all the time. We've never seen her so relaxed.

Of course, we also need to shoot Archie up with something that would make him a bit LESS relaxed.

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