Thursday, May 18, 2017

You Float Like a Feather In a Beautiful World

Okay. We're still dealing with last week's shenanigans. Coadster turned 25 on May 15th. For her birthday present, Stinky bought her tickets to see Tears For Fears and Hall and Oates in concert on May 8th. Originally, it was just going to be the two of them, but they asked me and even though it was a Monday night, I figured, what the hell, I can take some vacation time and have fun with my girls.

So, that's what I did. Stinky had a final that got over about at about 3:30. We headed to Des Moines and met Coadster downtown. We had a nice dinner and headed over to the show.

We got there just in time. About a minute after we found our seats and sat down, Tears For Fears came out and put on a great show. Hall and Oates was fine too. I think Oates might be a little weaker in his voice than Hall, but they did all of their songs and we sang and chair danced and I wanted to try and embarrass my girls, but they were singing and dancing just as loudly and crazily as I was.

The concert got over around 11 and when we were walking to out cars, we saw people heading from the concert to different bars. Some of these people were at least as old as me and I thought to myself, "For the love of god. What is wrong with you people? How are you staying up past eleven without the help of a wheelchair?" Clearly, they have discovered the fountain of youth and clearly, I have not.

We spent the night at Coadster's apartment, and were awakened by the cutest girl dog you could ever imagine.

Coadster had to work that day, so Stinky and I stopped at the Machine Shed to eat breakfast, before we started touristing.

We went to the sculpture garden and it was very pretty. I really liked the Keith Haring sculpture.

The driftwood horse sculpture was also pretty cool looking.

The next stop was the zoo. We wanted to see the baby rhino and the baby giraffe there.

Sadly, they were working on a new facility for the giraffes so we weren't able to see the baby and the rhinos were hiding, so we saw a small part of that baby wedged between his mom and a wall.

Instead, we went to the petting zoo and fed goats and llamas and calves and then I got to take a photo of Stinky with her head inside the mouth of a hippo too. Like mother like daughter.

We also got to pet a baby crocodile? Alligator? Crocogator? They were filming something for a news segment and the photographer asked me if we wanted to pet whatever the hell kind of creature it was. Yes, we did.

It was pretty cool.

We got to see the red panda on the way out of the zoo and then we headed back to Iowa City. Stinky had to work, and I had (got) to go ride mountain bikes before it rained the next day.

I feel so lucky that my girls both live close enough for us all to be able to dork-out together.


rel said...

wowser, I'm finding it hard to believe your little girls are all growed-up.
I hear ya about staying up past eleven. If we expect a late evening, it necessitates a nap before venturing out.
Love the drift wood horse sculpture.

Tara Coady said...

Yes. A nap beforehand would have been lovely. My girls are in their twenties now. It is so bizarre.