Friday, May 19, 2017

Sad Eyes, Turn the Other Way. I Don't Want to See You Cry.

So, after many sunrises and sunsets in our great state of Iowa I am FINALLY writing about last weekend.

Last Friday, it was nice and warm enough to sit out on the porch after work. Of course, for Archie that must just have meant that he could try to get attention in any negative ways he could think of - trying to chew through the screen door, for example. Asshole.

So, he got relegated to the bedroom and we shut the window. Which just made him whine and lie on our bed and look out at us with the saddest eyes.

Normally, Heidi is as annoyed by Archie as we are...Until he gets in trouble. Then she goes and lies down next to him in solidarity against the evil humans. Assholes.

After we had some good porch settin' time, I went inside and made veggie fajitas with black beans for dinner. It was the first meal where I was actually able to go outside and pick leaf lettuce and cilantro from the garden. Everything tastes better when it's fresh from the garden.

I don't really have many photos for Saturday. Earlier in the day, John went out to work on the mountain bike trails and I went to the Farmer's Market to buy a the last few things for the garden. I did splurge and buy a couple of Gerbera Daisies that had already flowered. I planted a bunch of seedlings, but it could be a while before we actually get to see what color their flowers are.

Then I went out and met John at the mountain bike trails. Our team was putting a race on and I rode with John while he trimmed up the little shoots and vines that we like to call "face slappers". When the race was getting ready to start, John stayed and helped out and I went home and worked in the garden. I planted, and planted and planted some more. I didn't get it all done before John came home and I made lunch, but here is a list of what I did get planted: English cucumbers, English thyme, more tomatoes, the last of the torch sunflowers, regular sunflower seeds, zucchini, more snap dragons, zinnias, butternut squash, French Marigolds, green beans, oregano, and a few more peppers.

The rest of the day I ran errands and John cleaned most of the house. Then we went to our friend's daughter's graduation party at 4. We stayed until about 7 pm and went  home and watched the movie, "Twentieth Century Women". I liked it a lot. After the movie, John went to bed and I stayed up a bit longer to read some of Neil Gaiman's "American Gods". It was such a good  book.

Sunday was Mother's Day. John went to his mom's in the morning and they went for a hike before it got too hot outside. While he was doing that, I planted some more in the flower garden in my side yard.

John got home and did most of the house cleaning, while I finished up planting and did some cleaning up too.

Coadster and her dog got to our place right before we left to go on a bike ride to Columbus Junction. She and Stinky drove out to meet us and we all had a delicious early dinner at a Mexican restaurant there.

After we ate, we stopped off at what they call The Swinging Bridge or Lover's Leap. Coadster is terrified of heights and the boys making a big point to swing the bridge back and forth didn't help, but Coadster was brave enough to take a few steps on it, before she ran back to the safety of non-swinging land.

We headed back to Iowa City and the whole ride ended up being 72 miles when it was all said and done. The guys we rode with wanted to stop and drink in towns on the way back, but I couldn't. We had to get back and meet Coadster before she went back to Des Moines. Since the following day was her 25th birthday, she and I walked her dog to the ice cream store and had ourselves a treat. Happy celebration days to both of us.

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