Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Summer Breeze, Makes Me Feel Fine.

So, yeah. I know I've been bad about writing this week and so I am still writing about posts from Memorial Day weekend. Lucky for all y'all, this will be mostly photos of Sunday on Memorial Day weekend. I hope to write about Monday of Memorial Day weekend and then then get to this past weekend, before next weekend. Whew! Being busy and having fun is great, but man, is it exhausting.

We decided to ride our bikes to Cedar Rapids. There is a little bit of road riding, but then the rest is all on a bike path.

Of course, the creatures that you meet on the bike path aren't always friendly. These geese were having a regular old hissy fit when rode past them.

The path is lovely.

The crazy thing about these bike paths, is that they are very well used. We saw so many people and every business on it was packed with people and bikes. They appeared to be making money hand over fist.

We stopped at a place called The Kickstand for lunch and then rode to The Sag Wagon check out what was going on there.

They are located right on the little lake and had a band and sand volley ball and bags and beer. It was great.

As always, I have to check out the sculptures in any town I go to.

Cedar Rapids is very industrial. There is a big Quaker Oats plant and a bunch of other big factories and trains. It also usually stinks to high heaven. They don't call it the city of five smells for nuthin'.

We finally finished the ride after many long hours. We got in 72 miles altogether. It was a great time and it was good for us to check it all out, since we're going to be riding that way, but extend the route to Waterloo for our first day of OOBRAI in July.

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