Friday, June 09, 2017

This is Our Lives on Holiday

On Memorial Day we headed to Davenport in the morning for John's bike race. He did really well for not having raced much this year. It's also in a cute area of town, so it was fun to walk around, watch the race and take a few photos.

We zipped  home, rested for about 20 minutes, ate a little food and then met our friends at the Deadwood bar for a bike ride.

Our friend, Eggo wanted to do a hilly ride to get ready for TOMRV (the long, hilly, bike ride we're supposed to do this weekend along the Mississippi River). It was also really windy, so that made the ride extra hard.

We just happened upon a sign that we called "Burn's Anus". Close enough. Burne was a good sport about it and even posed for a picture. We never did find his anus...Er, Angus.

In an effort to get many hills in, we took the Cosgrove Road back to Black Diamond Road, and man, was it hilly. The town of Cosgrove is also very pretty. I'm not one much for actually going into churches, but I do think they are very pretty to ride past.

We rode back to Big Grove in Iowa City for dinner after our treacherous ride. Of course, we were lucky enough to have the scenery you see above the whole way home. It was a jolly holiday.

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