Monday, February 09, 2015

I'm Worse at What I Do Best.

Me ski.
 This weekend was a mixed bag...I suppose, much like life in general.

On Friday I got off work at 1:30. Originally, I was going to try and run my 9 mile route and get some things done. Unfortunately, the peri-menopause is strong in this one right now, so I haven't been sleeping very well. So, instead I met Stinky at Nodo for lunch and then we went to Prairie Lights so I could buy her a book and me too...Although, I ended up buying two. Oops! I know I have a problem. I could quit any time I want to, I just don't want to is all. Anyway, Stinky picked out a copy of The Portable Edgar Allen Poe. She does her mama proud.

The wide expanse of the groomed golf course.
 John emailed me from work later that afternoon. I went home and took a nap and then ran my 6 mile route after a little bit of sleep. John knew I wasn't feeling that great and asked me if he could take me out to dinner at Frida Kahlo, a restaurant in Solon. It was packed, but we were able to get seats at the bar without too long a wait. After we got our drinks, I told John, "Our bartender is very friendly and has lot's and lot's of energy.

John's response? "That's okay. We'll wear him down..."

this looks like it was taken someplace so much cooler than Hills, Ia.
 On Saturday we met a friend at Brown Deer Golf Course to try and ski as long as we could, before it got too warm. That didn't take long. Brown Deer was a fun place to ski with lot's of little rolling hills. I'd love to go back again when it isn't so warm and slushy.

We met some of our Des Moines friends in the parking lot. They were there to learn how to ski. They had signed up for the Birkie in Wisconsin, and just started skiing in December. They are doing the full Birkie - about 30 miles on treacherous terrain. Holy cow! When I started laughing, one of them said, "You know we're crazy, don't you?" Well, yeah...

I had a migraine for most of Saturday. Which explains why I was feeling so crappy on Friday...Build up. By the time we skied, had lunch, I took my migraine meds and then took a nap, I felt so crappy I could barely stand it. I tried to make lasagna, but forgot to put the sauteed veggies in the second layer, so I put them on top and made a new dish that I called inside-out lasagna. I might be spacy, but at least I'm good at fixing my mistakes, right?

Black bean chili and cornbread. One of my favorite meals to burn my mouth on.

On Sunday the snow was unskiable. That's okay. The beauty part of having so many passions, is that we just did other things. I ran my 6 mile route and with the snow melt, it was nice not to have to tromp through the drifts or worry about falling on the ice. Then we headed to Hills with some friends for a nice February bike ride. The kind that almost never happens in Iowa this time of the year.

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