Friday, February 27, 2015

Are You Reelin' in the Years. Stowin' Away the Time.

Hooray! It's the weekend. I took the last 2 days off in a row, as rest days. I was going to do a trainer work-out last night, but I got caught up doing a bunch of other things, and it didn't happen. I'm okay with it, because it will finally warm up this weekend to the 20's and 30's. Finally. So, I plan on doing as much running, swimming, bike trainer working out and CX country skiing as I can handle. I'm hoping two days off will help give me the energy to do triple work-outs this weekend.

I guess, we'll also have to cater to the damn cats. They are so adorable when they're sleeping. Too bad they have to wake-up...Especially in the middle of the night and when I won't get up and give them attention, they (Archie) starts knocking books off my shelf and onto my head. It's enough to make me want to hang him upside down by his heels...Oh wait. John just tried that and Archie loved it. Crap!

Tonight, my rockin' Friday night looks like this: Since it's still below zero with the windchills outside, John and I will do a track running work-out at the University and then we'll come home and have baked parmesan tilapia, sweet potatoes and beet salad and a big, fat cocktail. Then, hopefully, we'll watch a movie and try not to pass-out before it's over. Oh, to be old and raging...Or not.

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