Monday, February 02, 2015

Girl We Couldn't Get Much Higher.

The Buddha statue on my 8 mile run on Saturday.

This weekend couldn't have been more amazing...Okay. It probably could, but it was amazing enough for me.
Saturday night dinner.

John used to always tell me that I can't be really good at one thing, if I try to do too many things. I am okay with that. I know I'm not going to be the best bike racer in the world. I started in my late 40's, so even if all I did all day was ride my bike, I'm not going to be in the Olympics anytime soon.

So, I will also run and swim and ski and hike and besides all the active stuff, I will still write and take photos and read books and draw and paint and work on my house and socialize and cook healthy food and giving Archie enough attention alone, is about five full-time jobs, and if that means I'm not particularly good at any one thing, I am fine with trading that for balance.

Our front yard after the snow hit.

That having been said, my weekend was perfect because...BALANCE!

It finally snowed here this Winter. I love running in the snow. Of course, running in a foot of snow was a bit more of a work-out than I had in mind...It was still a lot of fun.

As you can see the winds were enough to make cheeks particularly rosy.

On Sunday afternoon, we met our friends out to CX country ski. I love classic Nordic skiing and could have gone on all day. Our friends aren't used to playing outside in the Winter, and after an hour and a half, they were ready to call it a day. We went to The Vine for lunch and drinks and then home to whack my trees to get some of the heavy snow off, so we wouldn't have them going down like so many other trees around town, and we got to shovel again.

I kept telling John how happy I was all weekend and he kept replying, "You're just high on endorphins." Endorphins...A great life...A great life filled with endorphins...It's all the same to me.


rel said...

I love that photo of the trees in your front yard.

Churlita said...

the snow has really been beautiful this time around. It was so wet, that it stuck to everything.