Wednesday, February 18, 2015

He's Licking His Lips. He's Ready to Win.

I'm fantasizing about riding my bike down country roads and being ignored by horses.

Oh, kids. It's been a weird one. First of all, if you aren't in Iowa, then you aren't aware of the fact that it's been about 20 below with the windchill today and will be about the same tomorrow. On a more positive note, it should warm up to the 30's on Friday and Saturday, before it gets freezing again, but in that time it could snow 2-4 inches, which will hopefully be enough to ski.

So, Monday I got something that looked like a legitimate request by the IT department at work for me to log into the link provided so they could rework my email and increase my space there. I did and Boy Howdee! did I just get scammed. Because of that, someone hacked into my email and sent all kinds of spam out to every university employee and people I had never heard of through my email. Awesome.

The REAL IT people figured it out and shut it down right away. I had to work with them on getting my email set to rights and the IT guy was very helpful. Once back into my email, I realized that people actually responded to the spam emails. Several of them wanted to know what they needed to give me to claim their prize. Did I need their social security number or other personal info? REALLY? I always wondered why people did that crap. Now, I understand that there are people who live under rocks and will actually give you their bank accounts and social security numbers at the promise of winning a prize. Weird. There were other people who said they clicked the link and nothing came up. Oops! Poor people are about to understand what my world is like for the next few days. I feel your pain. I'm still feeling it right now.

There are others who thought that I personally sent the spam...Because I am a total idiot and if I wanted to send spam, I wouldn't just hack into someone else's email? Those people wished me all kinds of things; like an untimely death, or a slow, torturous, untimely death and a slow, torturous, untimely death to me, my whole family and anyone I have ever encountered. Some people, I have come to realize, are extremely thorough.

Anyway, I guess that's one way to while away these last bitter months of Winter...Deal with something so annoying and tedious that burning your tongue, just by breathing with your mouth open outside because it's so cold, seems like nothing in comparison.


NoRegrets said...

You didn't have everyone reply to all and make the server explode? Too bad...

rel said...

what pain in the kiester.
my credit card number got stolen two weeks ago; also an ordeal to put right. Fortunately my credit card company caught it immediately, but still had to go through the rigmarole of getting a new card.