Monday, February 16, 2015

Being Dead Don't Hurt. No Only Dying.

So, this weekend started out wonderfully. At about 4 o'clock on Friday, a Des Moines bike racer friend of mine stopped by my office on her way to meet her daughter to bring me the Brooks saddle I won back in November in a raffle at Survivor CX. Ain't she a beaut?

I got off work, and ran my 6 mile route in beautiful thirty degree temps. I got home and made pan seared sea scallops, steamed asparagus and mashed potatoes for dinner and then John and I watched a couple of episodes of Frazier before bed. I make no excuses for being old and thinking all of the above is a perfect Friday night.

 I woke up about 4 am with a migraine. Boom! Apparently, there was some weird front blowing through (literally) and sending the temperature and windchills screaming. Stupid front. I took my meds and slept a few more hours.

John got up and went running, then headed to his mom's retirement community to help her with a few things. That gave me some lovely alone time to read and listen to music and harass the cats and try to keep them awake during the day, so they didn't harass us and try to keep us awake at night. Most importantly, I took a long, hot, wonderful bubble bath. Ahhhhh.

I met John and his mom for lunch and it was very nice. When we got home, it had been almost 10 hours since I had taken my meds, so I thought it was safe to go running. The winds and the cold were ridiculous, so I only ran 4.5 miles and had an ice cream headache almost the whole time.

When I got back, John and I swam laps for an hour and then got to hang out in the steam room for a bit. I was so hot and cold that day....

Saturday night, was the big night for new lovers and all that crap. I was going to make dinner, but migraine meds make me dizzy and spacy and I've been known to mess up many a recipe on them. So, instead we went to Shorts for dinner. We figured it wouldn't be too crowded, because it's not the kind of place you take a nice, fancy date. Of course, all the families and more relaxed couples must have had the same idea, because it was packed. We did get a seat at the bar and it was just perfect for us. We ended the night falling asleep watching the Bird Cage, and again, that suited me just fine.

On Sunday, I woke up with another migraine. it wasn't as intense, and I figured it might dissipate as they day wore on, but I was wrong. It left me during my 4.5 mile run in the cold, but came rearing back about a half hour later. I try not to take my meds if I can help it - especially 2 days in a row, because they basically wreck me brain and body, but I did have to say "Uncle", take them and sleep the worst of it off.

Sooooo, I'm hoping for a warmer, less migrainey week coming up.


Mnmom said...

Have you tried Imitrex injections?
I swear migraines have a lot to do with barometric pressure.

NoRegrets said...

So sorry... I can't even imagine thinking of doing anything with a migraine!