Thursday, January 14, 2010

I got Echoes In My Head

We got Coadster's senior pictures back this evening. This is my favorite one.

So, I took off work today, because I had some business to tend to. Turns out, the business was all tended to by 10:30. That left me with almost a whole day to myself while the girls were in school. What to do? There are so many amazing and/or productive ways to spend a day. I could have spent it with my music cranked and getting my kitchen all back together and organized, or I could have done some preparational paperwork in order to get ready for my taxes, or I could have given myself an indulgent day, to relax and take care of myself physically and emotionally. I chose the third option. I have been feeling a little isolated and out of sorts lately and I've been catching that hitch in my voice that means I might could be overreacting to things the last few weeks. So, before I end up writing this blog from my padded cell, I decided to slow my roll.

The first thing I did was take an hour and a half long nap, then I got ready and ran for well over an hour. I haven't done that in forever, and I can't tell you how necessary that is for me. I'm sure it's the combination of endorphins, constant repetitive movement and time spent without having to interact or answer a question, but just getting to run outside for that long fixes me in every way possible...And I was definitely starting to feel a little broken lately.

Anyway, after the run I took a crazy long, hot bath and emerged ready to be a better parent and person. The gift that was today, couldn't have come at a better time.

The traditional cheesy pose. She looks so pretty here, but this is the exact pose my friends and I make fun of when we do fake senior photos in bars.

After my self-indulgent day, I was ready to get back to business. My "me" time turned into "their" time. I took Stinky to a few places, so she could hand in her applications in hopes of attaining employment. Then we picked Coadster up at the before and after school program where she works and then went to the place where Coadster had her senior pictures taken so we could pick-up the final product.

I was so much more patient than I would have been when I helped Stinky make us her signature meal. She calls it Italian stir-fry, but what it is is chicken and veggies sauteed in garlic, butter, white wine, and basil and served over chicken flavored wild rice. It's actually pretty good, but it does take a while to cut it all up.

This is Coadster's favorite one. I like it too. I just think the other one shows her personality better.

Hey, I guess it's the weekend already...And the best part of that, is that I get three days off. Hurray! I've spent the last couple of weeks safely at home, which has been really good for many reasons, but there's always that problem of me not socially interacting with adults I have anything in common with, if all I ever do is go to work and then home. So, my bet is that I'll probably try to go out, at least for a little bit.

I have a couple of friends with a Friday birthday. One of them is having a party. I doubt I'll stay very long, but I'll at least try to do a drive-by and do some well-wishing. My friends should be returning from Belize on Saturday. Before they left, they said they thought they'd for sure want to go out that night to catch me up on all their whacky hijinx, but we'll see how they feel when they actually get home and there's all that jet lag to deal with and laundry to do.

How about you guys? Will you be dehibernating yourselves this weekend too?


booda baby said...

Not only am the FIRST tonight, but I came bearing a really good word verification: cooketri.

Doesn't that make you want to start the Italian stir fry allll over?

It's so good to hear you lived your day so well AND got such beautiful senior pictures. Are the train tracks a studio shot? They went wandering in the great outdoors? That's pretty cool. I don't care WHAT picture she uses, senior pictures just can't help being weird ass.

rel said...

Holy cow man, how'd booda baby get here before me? :)

Coadster is a beautiful woman, all each pic reflects adifferent part of her personnality.

A serendipity-zippity-doda-day....Good for you! Some days when I'm low All it takes to lift me up is to say what would that smart Churlita advise.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Thsoe are great pictures.. The last one though is odd that she is barefoot on traintracks.. still it is a cool picture..Glad to see you got in some "ME" time.. It's always a good thing to recharge those batteries..

Tara said...

The day off you took sounds like it was perfect. I love taking hot bubble baths, I just started doing that again since I've moved into my new apartment.

I have no idea what I'll be doing this weekend! I won't be working this weekend, and that's the important thing, right?

Coadster's photos look wonderful! I like that first photo too, she looks like she's having fun with the whole photo-taking thing!

Pamela said...

The photos are great - I never had such poses growing up though! And while the first one is great, I can't help but notice that her left arm looks all twisted.

Glad you had a relaxing day. You deserve it. ;-)

SkylersDad said...

Great pictures, the first one is the best in my opinion!

Johnny Yen said...

Glad you got a day to decompress! When we're juggling work and kids, we need them sometimes.

My son shares my love of cooking. My ex is a terrible cook, so I think that he's realized that it means that it means that he can eat something healthy that he enjoys.

For me, it'll be all about work this weekend. Having worked in the business, I'm sure you know that in the restaurant business, the weekend is your work week. I get to put off going back to school an extra day because of King Day.

laura b. said...

Coadster's pictures are great! I love how creative they get with their poses now.

I am sooo glad to hear you got some Churlita time in. You deserve it.

My weekend should be quiet-ish, if I have my way. We'll see. Have whatever kind of weekend you want!