Tuesday, January 05, 2010

In the Place Where I Make No Mistakes

Here is Stinky, earlier in the season with a coworker and a certain Hawkeye.

I'm writing this while watching the Orange Bowl and my daughter is yelling at the TV, so this post might be even more disjointed than usual. Today continued my string of annoyances. Believe me, I know how good I have things. Annoyances are not tragedies. I've just reached my saturation point of having to deal with crap - mostly because of the frigid temperatures.

When it's bitterly cold out, I drive in as close in to work as I can without having to pay. So, this morning, I hopped in my car and the battery was dead again. Nice. As I've said before, I have the right kind of clothes to be able to handle the cold, so I walked all the way to work. No problem

The big problem came with trying to figure out what was wrong with my battery and how to get it fixed, so I don't get stranded wherever I go. I emailed K.'s ex, J. because he was the one who was nice enough to get and install my battery 3 years ago. He gave me some options and said something about the battery possibly needing water in order to hold a charge. I had no idea you needed to put water in your battery. I've had my car for several years and didn't water my battery once. He sent me a link to a helpful YouTube video about just how to water up my battery.

My friend G. was nice enough to come over right after work to help me push my car out of the garage and give my battery a jump. Of course, we didn't have very good cables, and the jump didn't take. G. was smart enough to get a number for my neighbor V. who lives two houses down from me and happens to be a mechanic. He was still at work, but said he'd stop by if we didn't get it figured out by the time he got off. Next, my ex stopped by to drop off my daughter and tried to help as well. Even with his cables, my car didn't charge.

I was starting to think my battery might be toast, but then my neighbor stopped over and used his cables and my car started right up. Finally! My neighbor was even nicer still and told me that if my car doesn't start in the morning, to call him and he'll give me a jump, so I can drive to the mechanic where I bought the battery and get me a new one - one that hopefully works.

So, like MnMom suggested, this might be the year when my friends show up at the right time, with exactly what I need. Thank god, the wonderful people in Iowa make up for the crappy weather.


rel said...

I do remember those days of sub-zero temps and poor performing batteries. I lived 10 miles from work so walking wasn't an option. If the battery is shot, you might want to borrow or buy a trickle charger, take your battery in where it's warm and let it charge for a day and then if it doesn't hold a charge get a new battery. (2 cents)

Tara said...

If you do have to get a new battery, you should celebrate by inviting all of those friends over for a new battery breaking in party.

I hate car problems. They can really put a damper on day.

SkylersDad said...

When you get your new battery, dont let them talk you into changing your headlight fluid like they did to me.

Mnmom said...

Skydad - you are too funny.

I like the idea of a new-battery party! Invite all those Iowans who helped. What a great idea!


Pamela said...

Yes, thank goodness for good friends.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I used to have a Hyundai with electrical problems back when I was making minium wage and when Hyundai's were super crappy and had lousy warranties - I used to have to bring my battery indoors with me everywhere like it was a kitten. So it was fun to visit friends for parties and stuff - oh here's Lady and her car battery. I never put water in it though - I thought that was only in places where it was hot enough for the water to evaporate. Cars are weird and car trouble sucks donkeys, especially in winter - but fortunately batteries are relatively cheap to replace (or should be).

Johnny Yen said...

Funny, I'm dealing with battery issues too, among other things.

Three years is about the life expectancy of a battery (I think the one I had was at least five). Make sure the terminals are cleaned-- both the post and the connectors. That alone can cause a car not to start, especially in the cold, when a battery has only about 5% or so of its normal power.

I was laughing at "Lady Who Doesn't..'s" comment-- I had a horrible Dodge Omni when I got divorced, and had to do the same thing with my battery. I was too broke to buy a new one for a long time.

laura b. said...

Even having people TRY to help is helpful...like you know you aren't in it alone. Hopefully, yeah, it turns out simple.

BTW, very cute girls and Hawkeye!