Monday, January 18, 2010

Yet There's Still This Appeal, That We've Kept Through Our Lives

Here is a snowman and his snow dog. I ran by it on Thursday and had to go back with my camera and take a pic. It's pretty damn cute.

Sooo, I was migraine free today, which means I got a lot done. I did some tree work in the backyard. If only I had a chainsaw and a longer ladder, I could get everything I want done in about a half hour. For now, I'm chipping away at it. The tree had some branches that grew down in order to find the sun. Unfortunately, those branches shade my little backyard too much. I'm a big fan of English gardens and have visions of those around the periphery of the yard. So, I'm trying to clear things up a little to make way for the sunshine.

I also helped a neighbor find and coax her cat out from under another neighbors porch, went running for 6 miles, and made a ton of Mexican food as payback to all the people who helped me start my car while its battery was bad. In other words, I'm tired and so I'm doing another cut and paste post. This time, it's a couple of text or email exchanges I had with friends recently. Sorry for the lame-assedness.

The first one is from Friday night when a friend texted me.

Friend: Hey. What r u doing?

Me: Since my girls went to bed early, I'm drinking a beer and watching The Hurt Locker. How about u?

Friend: (clearly making fun of me for hanging out by myself on a Friday night) Since my son has a friend spending the night, I'm free-basing and watching The Golden Girls.

Me: Wow. Really? Awesome. I think the only way I'd b able 2 stand 2 watch The Golden Girls was if I was freebasing.

This next one was an exchange between another friend of mine, on how tricky it is to read emails and messages and how we need several different fonts as aids.

Friend: What kind of font do you think someone should use if what they were trying to say was, "Yeah, this small talk is really nice, but I really want to see you naked and have sex with you"?

Me: I dunno. I think if you're getting drunk texted from a guy after midnight, you don't need a font. You can just assume that's what he's saying...

Okay, now. I have a little kitchen cleaning, and then I'm going to try to read myself to sleep. Night, night.


rel said...

I know what your saying about the tree and shade and all that, but that leaning tree is kinda picturesque.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Sounds like th tree has a few issues.. getting a drunk text is really fun..

Tara said...

Thank you for getting that snowman and his dog on camera! That is cute. I saw my first snowman last weekend. It was huge, I wish I had my camera at the time.

Whenever you mention making Mexican food, I immediately get hungry for tamales.

Pamela said...

Beware of doing harm to the tree! You know how to cut? Winter is a good time to do it?
Will you make me some Mexican food?

SkylersDad said...

Mmmmmm, mexican food! And that photo is awesome.

booda baby said...

Oh, an English garden is really nice. A little sanctuary. Will you make one?

MrManuel said...

Reading this post makes me realize I just do not get enough drunk texts!

Churlita said...

Rel, No. I love that tree. I think it's good right now. It's the Sycamore in the backyard that I'm trying to limb up a little.

Mrs., The tree needs some work, but then it should be fine.

Tara, That snowman was super cute. I wondered how they did the face. If they used paint or what?

Pamela, I used to do tree work for a living. I know how to cut. Winter is good as long as it's not so cold that it shocks the tree. Trees are making sap right now, and it helps your cuts scab-up, so to speak.


Yeah. Enchiladas and rice and beans. Thanks.

Booda Baby, That's the hope. It will probably take a few years for it to all fill in nicely and for me to be able to afford all the plantings and stuff for it. I think I'll try wood chips for the paths around the gardens.

MrManuel, You might want to work on that. Ha ha. Eh, they can be fun as long as you don't take anything very seriously.

laura b. said...

Love the snowman...we don't see so many 'round here :-)

I love those text exchanges! I think it is fun when you post stuff like that, because we get to see the Churlita your besties see.