Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cause It's a Bittersweet Symphony This Life

Me with a fistful of dollars.

So, yeah. This weekend...Well, it was kind of crazy. I gave plasma on Friday and the guy who did it must have gone through my vein or something. Anyway, I could hardly bend my arm and now have a HUGE bruise there. The plasma giving does seem to tire me out a bit, so I'll just count on not running on those nights for now. Since I was kind of out of commission afterward, I didn't get any work done in the kitchen. Instead, Coadster went to a large group speech contest and Stinky and I stayed home and watched a movie called The Boys are Back, about a guy who becomes a single dad after his wife dies. It was a slower movie, but I was okay with it. It was kind of interesting to see the other side of the single parent thing. I know all of the things I had to adjust about myself to fulfill both mom and dad roles with my girls, but got to see how that works for guys a little better. I remember talking about it with Mr. B. once and he said one of the hardest things about being a single dad for him, was having to be more openly emotional for his son than he felt comfortable with. Of course, that was one of the traits I really liked about him. Anyway, both the girls and I were in bed by 11. Party!

The supposed inspiration for Bill the Cat came down to play. Thank god the girl crush wasn't in town on Saturday. She would have been traumatized for weeks.

I woke up early on Saturday and started to work on getting the computer working right away. I stopped by the cable place and they FINALLY gave me a new modem, not a used one that was already broken before I got it. They gave me the wrong code to use to hook it up and I had to call the support people. After being on hold for about 50 hours, the woman helped me get it up and running. She also informed me that I was eligible for some special deal where I could get HBO and some other channels as well as a digital cable box all for $5 less a month than I'm now paying for regular, no frills cable and wanted to know if I wanted that. Uh, more for less? Sure, I want that. So, then I had to head to the cable place again for that special box and more setting up. Of course, this all took more time than I expected and then after I helped Coadster fill out some scholarship applications and went running, it was already well into the afternoon. Oy.

G. doing Marty Feldman.

Saturday night was a lot of fun. Most of my favorite people were out and I even stayed out until a little after midnight. I didn't turn into a pumpkin or anything, but I did turn into a foul-mouthed jerk, I'm sure. I'm also pretty sure that I did that long before midnight.

Today I still didn't work on the cupboards, but I got a hell of a lot of cleaning done. Stinky's job is to clean the living room and Coadster does all the laundry, so I scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen and will spend the rest of the night getting things ready for my taxes.There's so much extra stuff this year, I'm not really even sure what to bring. As usual, I'll err on the side of excess and bring every single document I might possibly need.

So, how did I do in terms of getting things done this weekend? I'll give myself a B- and try to keep plugging along at a faster pace the rest of the week.


SkylersDad said...

I have heard good things about that movie, it is supposed to be a true story. And you got tons accomplished! Way more than I did.

laura b. said...

Oh, you did lots! I would get an F on your system...well, maybe even on mine :-)

Tara said...

Lol..I like your friend's impression of Marty Feldman. Don't get me started on "Young Frankenstein" quotes.

I'm glad you were finally able to get your computer up and running. Sometimes that crap consumes the entire day.

dmarks said...

I'd be more likely to give plasma if they had a "Give Plasma, Get Plasma" TV giveaway.

rel said...

Just dealing with tech people on the phone tires me out and thats if I can understand them.

Johnny Yen said...

I was intrigued by the movie. I'll have to add it to my Netflix queue.

I was fine with the single parent thing except that the other parent would never do anything with my son-- no games, no baseball, etc. When he's at my house, he's ravenous to play games and do the stuff his mother doesn't bother with. I'll let you guess who taught him to ride a bike and played catch until my shoulder hurt too bad to throw.

In Illinois, even under joint custody, the dad pays still pays child support, so I always worked a second job to get by, which didn't help with the tired issue. I guess that's what caffeine is for.

booda baby said...

I like seeing pictures of the Dublin. Was it always called that? I don't think it mattered what any place was called, as long as they were close. That pool place around the corner, though, always felt like it belonged to a whole different city.

How often will you be able to give plasma and get paid. We care about the you getting paid part.

Churlita said...

Skyler's Dad, I feel better now that my taxes done. Apparently, that was the thing that was most worrying me.


No, You got some valuable resting done. I could use a little of that myself.

It did consume much of the day. And we did our fair share of Young Frankenstein quoting on Saturday night. you would have fit right in.


Ha ha. That would make WAY more worth it.


Luckily, this time I was talking to someone without a thick accent.

Johnny Yen,

I had that too. My ex has never paid one cent for anything. In fact, he used to ask to borrow money to feed the girls when they were at their house. I finally would just send food with them when they went there. The poverty thing because one parent doesn't do their share is really sapping.

Booda Baby,

It was probably called Mama's when you lived here. It's that basement bar under what used to be Felix and Oscars.

I can give plasma twice a week and that should equal about $50/mo. I'm sure I won't do it every week, but it will be nice to have when I need it, or when I want to buy something that isn't in my budget. Which means, most things.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I got the laundry done..! I give myself a "G" for a good job.. and would give you an "A"!