Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cuz What We Are, Is Victims of Fun

Here is Ironman. He's here to help show off my new home.

Okay, kids. I got some cleaning and unpacking done tonight. Not as much as I wanted, but I never seem to get as much done as I want. That's okay. We're here now. We got nuthin' but time, right?

My counters suck. Even Ironman agrees. They will be replaced as soon as possible.

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week. I'm going to get as much cleaning and unpacking done around the house as possible tomorrow evening, but then I'm going to take the time to relax and drink a beer and either read a book or watch a movie. As I recall, letting myself relax for a couple of hours can make me a much more pleasant person.

Ironman and I are both in agreement about the awesomeness of my drankin' porch too.

I will try to get some blogging done over the long weekend. I'll try to work it into the rest of my itinerary that tentatively looks like this:

Thursday: Running in the morning. Driving to O-town. Eating food, watching kids wrestle and wishing I had remembered to bring earplugs. Driving home in the evening. Possibly going to my friend K.'s for an hour, or just staying home and trying that relaxing thing I talked about earlier.

Friday: If I don't get out and get it on Wednesday evening, I might actually brave the shopping insanity and buy a ladder, hedge trimmers and a bow saw. With those items, I will clean my gutters, limb up some trees, and tidy up some foliage when I'm actually home during the day. I also will do some more cleaning and packing inside. There's a rock show that night, that I will probably miss. I have a feeling I'll pass-out long before it even starts.

Saturday: My family is coming to town and we'll eat food, I'll show off my house and my brother will help guide me and do a few things around my place. They usually all take off around dinner time. Saturday night is up for grabs. Coadster will be at her dad's and Stinky is babysitting for a friend of mine. I should have the night to myself, but I have no clue what I'll do with it.

Sunday: I'll do more of what I did on Friday. Of course, I will also try to run every day. I'm so happy to have a long weekend to finally get stuff done on the new place...And to force myself to relax for a few hours here and there. Ahhhhhhh.


Susan said...

I will have to find something along the lines of iron man to give a guided tour of my house. I have a ninja turtle somewhere..

Your drankin' porch is awwwesome

Ananda girl said...

Sound like a great plan. And I have to agree... I like your drankin' porch! I love having a place to sit and watch the world like that.

Nice home Churlita! Yay!

laura b. said...

A busy weekend, but I am pleased you are going to work some RnR in there.
Those counters don't seem so bad to me!

Happy Thanksgiving, Churlita.

David in DC said...

On the new dwelling: Use it in good health.

Specifically on the drankin' porch: Awesome!

On the holiday: Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Remiman said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your girls!
A New home to be thankful for....WOW> I'm happy for you.

dmarks said...

You can now get a Seinfeld's Apartment thing going. But instead of Superman, you can have a little Iron Man stand guard, like an idol.

Not Fainthearted said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! Hope it's going well so far. And I highly approve of your tour guide. The house looks great. Enjoy!

another good thing said...

not sure what your budget is or what kind of counters- but I bought mine at e-counters online and they sent a local guy to remeasure for me-- I paid half of what local bid was.. just a thought