Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Then Again the Same Old Story

Here is a picture of a crazy person doing exercises downtown.

I'm trying to stay positive, but it's getting tougher and tougher. I put up well over 30 fliers around town the last few days and all it got me was one phone call. ONE. The girl came and looked at it today. She had a story...Because everyone has a story, don't they? She was trying to break her lease, since she didn't get along with her roommate, but she wasn't sure how that was going to go down. She was going to try to resolve it by the end of the week and let me know one way or the other then. We'll see. So, now I'm going to be forced to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a classified ad in our college paper. Whatever. If it worked, it would be so much cheaper than paying the $5,000 of rent I'm responsible for from now until the end of July. Man, I hope it works.

Sooooo, yeah. Obviously I'm a little stressed about all of this and I still have to work all day and come home and be a mom and go to all the girls' stuff and not get to run because I'm busy hanging fliers and waiting around for people to look at my apartment. It all makes for one, big cranky mom cocktail. I did warn the girls last night that I have a bad combination of factors going on and not to take my attitude personally until I can find a renter. Then right after that, I was dropping Coadster off at the high school and this kid was driving the wrong way and almost hit my car. It's possible that I may have called him a dumb ass outloud, in front of Stinky, but who can remember now. Stinky started laughing and before I could say anything in my own defense, she covered for me by saying, "I know - that bad combination". Exactly.

And we all know that life is never all bad or all good. It's a confusing mixture of everything... Sometimes all at once. So, tonight when I went to Coadster's show choir concert, I sat next to the cutest couple. They had been married forever and were still sweet and funny and flirty with each other. They introduced themselves to me and it turned out that their daughter was in Stinky's grade and we had a great talk before the show, and it was such a nice way to take my mind off of my stupid, dumb subletter trials.


Remiman said...

Thank God we have a miriad of outside forces that help us focus on something besides our own woes; if only for a few hours at a time.

Tara said...

With everything going on, perhaps you need a regular cocktail along with your cranky mom cocktail! :)

I'm glad that you were able to get your mind off of the stress if only for a moment.

Pamela said...

subletter trials. I like that phrase. Don't fret though. Just because you can't find someone now doesn't mean you won't next month, if need be...

jeci said...

My husband and I once had subletter trials of catastrophic proportions in Montreal that ended with an elaborate, largely illegal bribery scheme. It was insane and stressful at the time, but now it makes a hilarious story. So sometimes when I'm knee-deep in some crappy situation now I think of how one day it might be my next infamous cocktail-party story. So I guess I'm just saying let's hope that some crazy, obscure twist of fate will come your way to turn this into a funny anecdote.

A said...

Also under the stress of way too much stinkiness - I called my own 6 year son a "Smart Ass" - To which he said "Mom is an ass the backside of your privates?" I took a deep breath and said "well yes or a donkey" - "well I'll be the donkey then"
A in TX

person related to IC landlords said...

Who is your landlord?

laura b. said...

I hope all of this stress isn't overshadowing the pride and happiness you should feel at achieving home ownership. You deserve to feel good! So...find a way to run...and as Tara suggested, have that cocktail :-)

booda baby said...

Oh dear. You'll find someone WAY before then. Maybe not in the next week or two, but people move in between semesters. It's kind of the clock in a college town, isn't it?

I really hate when I double up on the stress. I mean, when there's a situation that's obviously stressful by ANYONE's definition, but then you go have feel like shit on TOP of the stress. It's ickety.

Anway, all our collective imagining will work WAY better if you're not getting in the way with all that worry. So you probably SHOULD sit down and have that cocktail Tara suggested and let things start working out. oki doki?

Mnmom said...

I think that girl might be related to me - seriously. I have a niece in IC trying to break her lease and looking for a new place.

Are you on facebook? Friend me and we can talk - Margaret Jenkins Colangelo. One note - I only accept friend offers from folks I know, so put Churlita in the message

Churlita said...


Exactly. I don't like to wallow, so I'm glad there are so many things to keep me from it.


I think you're right. A real cocktail sounds really good right now.


yeah. I'm resigning myself to at least eating December's rent and maybe January's too. I just hope I can find someone to pay the other 7 months...


I hope things work out and all this ever becomes is a funny anectdote and not a trip to debtors prison.


That's awesome. He's a smart boy. I would choose donkey too.


I don't put names on my blog, as they can be googled and led here. This is my email address: Feel free to email me and I can provide you with the answer you seek.


I'm trying really hard not to let it. I'm just at the point where I want to be THERE already and have a sublease signed and I can concentrate on getting excited about my new endeavor.

Booda BAby,

I'm trying to work the worry out of my experience. It's stubborn, but then again, so am I.


It's a pretty common scenario here. She was Asian. Is your niece Asian and does her name start with an A?

Susan said...

I am honestly so glad my lease is done at the end of December. That just puts me out $600 and some odd dollars instead of in your rough situation. I'm sure you'll find someone. Chin up, chick.