Thursday, November 12, 2009

Too Legit to Quit

Here is one of the photos I posted on Craigslist to try and rent my apartment.

Jaysus, Mary and Joseph! It's finally done. That's right, the guy came over tonight and signed the sublease. Sure, I had to eat an extra month of rent to get there, but that's a hell of a lot better than 7 or 8. Now. NOW. I can finally do that thing I've been waiting to do since this whole process started and that is relax and finally enjoy the fruits and trials of homeownership. Ahhhhhhhhhh. In one week from today I will be closing and moving into my home and wearing out a path between my home and Menards. I can't wait....I think.

So, this will be my crazy, busy last push to clean and pack. At least I can see the end of it now.

And, oh yeah. It's the weekend. I almost forgot. I'm sure you won't have to wonder what I'll be doing this weekend. If you need to, see the preceding paragraph. Some of the Dublin girls planned an after work drinks and dinner thing for Friday night, but it starts at 5 and in my world, that's pretty impossible. Instead, I'll hopefully get a run in and then come home and dismantle and pack-up my kitchen.

Saturday there will be some running of errands, and more of that packing stuff. A friend of mine is celebrating her 50th birhtday at the Hilltop tavern and I might try to make it to that for some cheese fries...And to wish her a happy milestone, of course. Then I'm sure I'll meet a friend or two at the Dublin and make an early night of it and clean and pack some more.

Sunday will be more repetitiveness. I will also try to blow off some steam by running as much as I can too.

Soooo, how about you all? Will you be packing, cleaning and sorting? Or will you be packing, cleaning and sorting?


Remiman said...

Of course; I'm helping you, remember?

Leo said...

Congrats on your new status as a homeowner!!!

Way to go, deserve it.

Tara said...

Oh yay, congratulations! I am so relieved for you! That's a nice photo of your apartment! I'm surprised more people didn't jump at it.

I have no idea what I'll be doing this weekend. Hopefully do some sleeping in, though.

Enjoy your weekend!

Pamela said...

Yes and yes. And the best of luck to you with all of it.

booda baby said...

What's a little cleaning and packing when there's a house at the end of it? Quit whining, you big home-owning-in-a-cool-town-baby. (Besides, I've moved a whole lot and I don't remember having all that much time to drop in for drinks. I would like lessons on how to do that.)

Mnmom said...

So we're both in the same stage - I'm just two weeks ahead of you. GO GIRL! Don't you love Menards??

Susan said...

I'll probably be worrying myself to death...and eating my weight in lasagna on Sunday.

laura b. said...

I'm so happy that this weekend will be the first one you wherein you haven't had the sublease hanging over your head. Enjoy that freedom :-)

Moving is a PITA, but it will be over before you know it and you will be livin' large in your new digs.

Poptart said...

You should make people drop by *your* place for drinks. And help you!

Congrats on the subletter!!!! Have a great wknd.


Johnny Yen said...

That's great news!

This weekend is filled with work, study and celebrating my younger one's 13th birthday. Two teenagers now. I'm sure you can relate.

another good thing said...

YAY- so happy for you- and excited, too.
I love the sorting and tossing out phase of moving- I think that's been my problem with being in the same house for the longest time- EVER.. we are starting to accumulate crap. ugh.

take it easy on yourself- it's not a test.

.j.william. said...

hells yes. Glad to hear you got a tenant. Craigslist: a million flaky people and hopefully that one person who will actually come through to buy (or rent) your shit.

boxes: I found that the cardboard recycling bins at the university were a GOLDMINE. Ghetto, sure, but effective.

word verification: sthafta, as in "St. Hafta says you hafta get back to doing whatever you're avoiding by being online."