Monday, November 02, 2009

At Times You Have a Very Unladylike Way of Running Out

Here is another costume from Halloween: Pac Man with Inky and Blinky and Ms. Pac Man.

Sooooo, I have good news and bad news. I think I'll give you the bad news first. The guy who looked at my place, said he'd get back to me in a week or two. In rental terms, that's like him flipping my place the bird. Everyone in this town knows that if you want a place, you have to claim it before you leave, or it could be gone.

It sucks for me. That was the last lead I had. I'm stepping up my efforts now. I just put a sign up in the front yard, I made fliers to tack up all over campus and downtown and any place I can find with a bulletin board. I've never been one of those people who have lived a charmed life. I didn't have rich parents, I paid for college myself by taking out loans and working two jobs over full time and financially raised two girls by myself. I know how to work my ass off. If there's something I want that I can get by working hard, I will have it. Sadly, I've never been particularly lucky (see the lack of a charmed life comment above). So, I can do the work to put fliers up and Craigslist it and get the word out, but I can't make luck happen. If any of you people who have lived charmed lives have luck to spare, I would really appreciate some right about now. Thanks. Love, Churly.

Now, finally for the good news....Coadster was named student of the week at her high school. Basically, she was nominated because she is in three sports, five choirs and three community service organizations and has a positive attitude and is very supportive of her teammates. Apparently, the people in her school have never been around her when she just wakes up...Just kidding. I'm as proud as hell of her and wish I had even half of her energy and compassion. She's pretty damn cool.


Remiman said...

Congratulation to the Coadster:**YAY** I wonder who she takes after?

I've always been fortunate throughout my life so I'm lending you a link to my good fortune for as long as you need it.

AlienCG said...

Big congratulations to Coadster, the Student of the Week! You must be proud.

You'll find a taker on your apartment, not to worry. Give it time.

Your picture has inspired a trivia question for today. It will be up this afternoon.

Pamela said...

and if you work hard, hopefully yes you will find a renter. I'll ask my contact. Oh, but I need the particulars...

booda baby said...

That's so cool that people were paying attention to Coadster's excellence!! Yay!

I'll spend some imagining the perfect renters for you, the kind who show up NOW.

Brando said...

Congrats to Coadster!

Someone will take your place. We had the same stress when we bought and someone wound up dropping in our lap to take over our lease. It's just a stressful wait.

Tara said...

I'm sorry to hear about the apartment, but have faith and know that someone dependable will love the place and make the deal.

Congratulations to Coadster! Wow, five choirs? That is really cool!

Ananda girl said...

Good for Coadster! No wonder you are so proud of her. I have a feeling that she learned her work ethics from watching you. Good job to you mom! It's not easy raising a child to be that great.

I'll send what I can of whatever luck I have... and positive thoughts too. I think maybe your luck has changed though... you got the house. Things are turning round.

MrManuel said...

Congrats to Coadster! That is awesome!

I am hoping the apartment thing works out. I can't imagine how stressful that is.

Churlita said...


Thanks. I will take any good fortune you can throw my way.


I can't wait for the trivia question. Is it Pac Man related?


Thanks again for doing that. I really appreciate. You really are awesome.

Booda Baby,

The kind that sign the sublease right now really would be the best renters for me. Thanks for the creative visualization.


God, I hope that happens for me and soon.


Thanks. Yes, I think she may have hit some kind of choir saturation point.


Thanks. I tend to be hit and miss with the luck department. I'm lucky with friends but not in love...I never know where it will strike...Or won't.


If I could just find a renter, I could relax and enjoy my new home. Sigh.

laura b. said...

Yay Coadster! She sounds like a very motivated young woman and I know how proud you are of her.

I am not particularly lucky either, but I am willing to send along any stray particals I may have clinging to a little luck is surely coming your way!!!