Sunday, November 29, 2009

Don't Get Me Wrong, If I'm Acting So Distracted

The girls with their cousins on Saturday.

Wow, kids. This weekend was a rollercoaster of both good and bad. Since I don't like to give the bad any attention, because I don't want to encourage it, I'll just concentrate on the good.

Friday was a really great day for me and the girls. We did a little shopping on Friday, which I normally try to avoid, but we still had to get some things for the house. Then Stinky and I did yard work. We got most of the leaves in the front yard raked up and some of the trees trimmed. On Friday evening, the girls and I used our gift card to that restaurant called Blackstone. We had a nice meal and a good talk. It's so nice now that the girls are older and we can have pleasant experiences when dining out.

My nephew putting my tree to good use, by climbing it.

Saturday was hectic, hectic, hectic, but also really great. My siblings descended with their families and gave me tons of help and housewarming gifts. Hooray for me! We made a group trip to Lowes. I wanted to get an estimate from them on installing my counters and the amount was a little ridiculous, I thought. I will try a couple of other places and if I can't find something better, I might have to wait for either a friend or relative to do it at their leisure. I'm sure I'm not telling you anything new, when I say that I am very impatient with getting my house where I want it. Apparently, it's all part of my obsessive nature. Hmmmm.

After my family left and I dropped Stinky off at her babysitting gig and Coadster at her dad's, I finally christened my house the only way I know how: I cranked my music and danced around my living room like a dork. There. Now, it really is my home.


laura b. said...

I love your private housewarming ritual! There is nothing like a dance party to kick off any good thing :-)

Susan said...

I'm trying to recover from all the fumes I inhaled while cleaning the new house. We're moving tomorrow.

Tara said...

That's a perfect tree for climbing!

I love that you christened your new home by dancing. You're right, it truly is your home now!

What kind of food does Blackstone serve?

Mnmom said...

I'll ask my husband about contractors or laborers in the IC area who you could call - he'll know the right guy!! The first one I'd try is William Davis - mention us!! You can trust him completely.

I too hate shopping, unless it's Menards or Lowes or something. I LOVE buying stuff for the house.

Ananda girl said...

Yay for christening your house as home with the dork dance! I love it.

Sounds like a happy but exhausting weekend to me. Sorry about the lows for the girls... but glad they had highs too.

Your first Thanksgiving in your new home. Very cool beans!

AlienCG said...

There is nothing like that new home feeling. And here's the best news, I'm here over three years and it still feels good.

MrManuel said...

Trust me, we bought our house around 5 years ago and we are still doing little things here and there to make it how we want it. Putting counters in is just the beginning of a continual desire to get the house just how you want it.

not fainthearted said...

Sounds like the best house blessing EVER! Congrats again on being home.