Sunday, November 01, 2009

Freaks Come in All Shapes, Sizes and Colors

Me being a flapper, D. being a cougar and G. being some kind of super hero.

Well, kids. I'm finally at that point. You know, the one where you are so overwhelmed that you have to start cutting things out...And unfortunately, those things are the fun ones. Damn! I still haven't found a subletter for my apartment and that is starting to really stress me out. I hopefully have someone else looking at it tomorrow after work.

The girlcrush hidden in her husband's feathers.

So, Friday night Stinky went on a hay rack ride and Coadster and I stayed home with a taco pizza, and strawberry cheesecake and watched scary movies. It was exactly what I needed.

Our new friend from the conference a couple of weeks ago showed up dressed as PeeWee Herman. He asked me if I wanted to go see a movie and promised to keep his hands to himself. (hahahaha)

I went back to sleep for a little bit on Saturday morning after dropping my girls where they needed to be and was awakened by another phonecall:

Me: Hello?

Caller: You bitch! Why didn't you tell me you bought the house?

Me: Hello?

Caller: Oh, I guess I should let you know this is Libby. I was just stalking your house and when I drove by it had a sold sign on it. I thought you were going to email me?

Me: I'm sorry. I put it on Facebook. I just didn't get around to emailing and calling everyone yet.

Caller: Even though you're a bitch, we'll still help you move. Let me know when you need us to show up with a truck.

Have I ever told you how much I love my friends? Well, after that, how could I not?

A friend of mine had the best Ka-Pow! sign. It was perfect for when all the Batman villians showed up. It's always best to be prepared for that occurrence.

I ran a ton of errands on Saturday. I stopped by my friend G.'s house to pick up a blonde bob wig for my flapper costume, but it didn't really work. It said one size fits all, but they meant for normal people. They need to have another, bigger, one size fits all for Irish people. It was just a little too small. Plus, it made me look like Andy Warhol in drag. I then went to my neighbors J. and S.'s house to see if they still had a black bob wig leftover from last Halloween. Luckily, they did. They also said they'd help me sand and refinish my hardwood floors. Score!

This table had the coolest costumes ever.

I finally got the girls where they needed to be and went to my friends' house. I was driving, so I stopped to give them all a lift. Sometimes the getting ready is almost as much fun as the going out. This Halloween was a lot more mellow for me than last year. Mostly, I had so much to get home and do, that I had a hard time keeping my mind on the fun. I did have fun though and I love, love, love to see people in costumes.

I still had much cleaning and getting ready for the next day when two people were supposed to come by and look at my place. I went home a little after midnight and cleaned until 3 am...Even with the extra hour.

My favorite costume...The polygamists. How great is that?

Today I finally had to eat my reality sandwich. Turns out, I can't do everything and do it halfway well and still stay sane (shut-up). Who knew? The girl who came by with her boyfriend to look at the place said she wanted to think about it. I think it was a little too pricey for her with the utilities. My apartment is crazy cheap for a two bedroom in this town, but I think she was used to living in an efficiency.

Then Coadster informed me that she had a showchoir thing she had to be at and needed to eat before that and I had someone else coming by to look at the place at 5. I realized there was no way in hell I was going to be able to ride bikes with my friends for a couple of hours in the middle of the day, so I canceled. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal since there were so many people going, but my friend G. told me I was the only reason she got up when she did. I felt like shit. So, I've vowed not to make any concrete social plans until I can sublet my apartment and get moved and stuff.

God, I hope I can get my place rented and fast. Today I waited for someone who was a half hour late and then for another person who didn't show up at all. Nice. I hope something comes through this week. Wish me luck.


Not Fainthearted said...

You always have the best pictures of your evenings out on the town!

Good luck with the apartment sub-letting. I'm sure something will work out.

Poptart said...

Good luck Churlita! I am crossing my fingers for you. Can't some fellow with some academic program swoop in and rent it immediately? That would be perfect.

Remiman said...

here's wishing all the luck o' the Irish in getting a subletter.

Tara said...

What a fun group of people! Looks like you all had tons of fun. That is the cutest flapper costume!

NoRegrets said...

Wow... it really is crazy time for you. Sorry! But in the end it's all worth it. But, um, you're doing the floors before you move in or after? Just wondering. Very messy job. Oh, and I love the guy's suit with the half black and half gray. How was that done?? And I love the polygamists too. Way cool. You look great of course.

NoRegrets said...

PS, Polish heads are that way too.

booda baby said...

There's nothing to say, really, except: Of COURSE you can't do all that stuff. There's really not enough room, even if you warp time and space, to fit it in. You were obviously tricked when you were thinking of dressing as a super hero.

another good thing said...

good luck with the rental- wish I knew someone in the area I could send by.
Your Halloween pictures were great-such creative costumes! made me feel like a slug for not going anywhere.
Congrats on the house- must pop over to FB sometime..

dmarks said...

Looks great. Did the woman with the Phoenix costume make it herself?

Johnny Yen said...

Great news about the house and great pictures! I'll keep my fingers crossed about the sublet.

jenny said...

Best of luck with the subletting and all the stress that comes with it. And really... how adorable are you in the flapper getup? Very adorable!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I thought the Kapow was photoshopped in - dang - that's a good sign.

Churlita said...


Thanks. I like to document things apparently.


Thanks. You want to move back here and take it over. I'm sure Lois would love IC.


I wish the Irish really were lucky. Ha ha.


Thanks. It's all I had at the last minute. Hopefully, next Halloween I'll be better prepared.


I have to move in the minute I close...Unless I don't get my place sublet that is. So, all my home improvements will happen with all my furniture in the house. Luckily, I have tons of plastic leftover from the tornado when all of our windows were blown-out.

Booda Baby,

I know. I have no idea why I think I can do everything in the world. It's so dumb of me.


Yeah. I love how much time and energy people put into their costumes around here.


I don't think so, unless she is an amazing seamstress. It looked machine made.


Thanks for the finger crossing.


Thanks. It weird to see myself with dark straight short hair.


It really is. He did a great job on it.

laura b. said...

Thanks for all the great photos. You are the cutest flapper ever!

You will sublet your place, you will get moved, you will get settled, and you will get your normal life back. But someday soon, this time will be one of your nicest to remember memories :-)