Wednesday, October 07, 2009

When I'm Breathless I'll Run til I Drop. Hey.

Coadster's decorated locker. Please notice the embarrassing kid pic.

Hi. How's it going? I'm doing alright. I was in a weird little funk for most of the day. It wasn't like anything was really wrong, I was just feeling kind of lost and lonely for no particular reason. Do you ever have those days? I usually try to keep to myself when I'm like that, because I know it's stupid and other people have real problems. So, I retreat to my lair.

My friend G. generally emails me like instant messaging throughout the day, but like I said, I was lying low and we were out of contact. Finally, right before lunch she sent me a message that said, "Wow. I miss you." It was pretty cute and did make me feel less lonely.

Coadster pretending to run and making a cheesy face.

I really wanted to go running the second I got off work and then hibernate in my house and not have to deal with the world. As I stated yesterday, that was not to be. I went to the high school and decorated Coadster's locker. She loved it and was so glad I was there.

Coadster and her best friend.

Then there was the senior banquet. The food was pretty bad, but the entertainment factor was high. The kids all had a great time and Coadster was so excited that her dad and I were both there to walk up to the stage with her.

I did get my run in around 8 and had some time to chill out. The crazy thing was, that hanging out with Coadster and seeing her so happy helped me out a lot. How can I be sad or lost or lonely when I'm busy doing stuff with my girls? Please remind me of that tomorrow when I'm standing in the cold and rain at her last home cross country meet.


Remiman said...

I find it helps me get defuncked when I can get out of myself and make someone elses day.

Pamela said...

Hey, why did you pass the funk to me? And I have no child to pull me out. arg.

Ananda girl said...

I often find that my kids pull me out of my doom and gloom times.

I love the locker!

Tara said...

Great job decorating the locker! Yes, I sink into that lost and lonely mood on occasion, and I basically do the same thing - just retreat into my comfort zone.

I remember going to my youngest brother's senior banquet, too, when I was very little. I had a piece of chicken that was pretty good.

laura b. said...

Love the locker! The use of bandaids and the cute kid picture is superlative.

I am all too familiar with that mood and with the cure too, fortunately.

It's really nice that both you and her dad could be there for Coadster :-)

Poptart said...

I love these pictures and this post. a little funk is SOOO normal for this time of year. Plus, I mean look at what's all going on for you!

Churlita said...


Sometimes that works for me and sometimes I need to just hang by myself and ride it out. REading or watching a movie helps sometimes too.


Sorry. I try to keep that funk to myself. That's why I hide when I'm like that. I hate to feel contagious.


Yeah. I can't be like that in front of them and so sometimes it helps to just get me over myself.


Comfort + escapism helps me a lot too.


At least the cure is great.


I know. I think I just have the same problem Coadster has. We take on too much and get overwhelmed because we don't have time to digest it all.