Thursday, October 01, 2009

Find a Place to Call My Own and Try to Fix Up. Start a Brand New Day

Here is an old tattered flag stuck to a utility pole...With amber waves of grain and all that behind it.

Egad, kids! This has been one hell of a week. It's been good, just insanely busy and I feel like I've been on overdrive trying to juggle everything. I'm not going to talk about what's up with the house hunting until it's been pretty well decided one way or the other. For one thing, I don't want to jinx it, for another, it's such a weird, exciting, stressful rollercoaster and I need time to process things.

Soooooooo, I guess it's the weekend now, huh? My plan is to start cleaning, organizing and getting rid of shit. Even if I don't end up moving, it would be nice to have that done.

It's also Homecoming at my girls' high school. What that means for me is that I will probably drive kids places, on Saturday take some photos of dressed-up girls and then have both Friday and Saturday night to myself. Right now, I don't have any definite social plans. I think I'll see if anyone contacts me to do something, and figure it out as I go.

How about you all? Are you planning anything definite, or flying by the seat of your pants this weekend?


Ananda girl said...

I'm going to be where I am the happiest and grateful that it is possible. You know where...

Otherwise I'm picking up a dryer Saturday morning. No dryer this time of year is the pits. Best of all, it's free!

I get the don't want to jinx it thing. Good luck.

I love the high school dances when teen age girls are around getting ready for it. They are so excited and funny!

Remiman said...

I'll be working.

Remiman said...

I'll be working.

Tara said...

It'll be a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of weekend for me. If the weather is rainy and dreary like it is now, I'd rather stay cozy inside.

Try to have fun organizing and getting rid of stuff! It's very liberating.

AlienCG said...

I had three disappointments during my house hunt. I only mention this to prepare you. If you face this disappointment, get back up and get back out and look some more.

Have a good weekend, I'm not doing much of anything excpet watching X-Men Origins.

Johnny Yen said...

My son has marching band stuff all weekend, so he and I are getting together for lunch and a driving lesson on Sunday. Other than that, it's study and work.

David in DC said...

I've been saving some infant bathtub pictures for Monkeyboy's senior prom. But he's in 7th grade now and I can see potential in springing them on homecoming dates, too.

Of course, first he's going to have to start differentiating girls by name. And considering them part of the same species.

I'm told that's due to happen pretty soon. I should probably be careful what I wish for, eh?

laura b. said...

Homecoming! How fun.

Have a great 'fly by the seat of your pants' weekend!

Anonymous said...

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