Thursday, October 08, 2009

Can't Find Any Place That I'd Rather Be

A crowd gathers to watch the mulleting.

Wow, kids. It's the weekend again. This week was barely a blur. We got a lot accomplished, but I can't wait for everything to be completely done, so that things will slow down enough for my life to actually be in focus. Until that happens, the actual writing on this old blog will definitely suffer. But I hear it's all about priorities, right?

Trying to capture a mulletee.

For you viewing pleasure, I thought I'd throw up some photos of the random mulleting that happened at the senior cross country banquet. Watching it all happening while I laughed my ass off, I wondered why we never did anything that fun in cross country. Then I remembered that when I was in high school, everyone already had mullets. Oh yeah.

Mullet making in progress.

I guess I should talk about this weekend. Well, I'm not all that sure. It's Homecoming for the University and so my first impulse is to pull down the shades and hide in my house. The only problem with that is that my girl crush is coming into town with her husband on Saturday. So, I thought I might just go out for a little minute and make it an early night instead.

He could put an eye out with those.

As far as daytime activities are concerned, I will continue on my cleaning and organizing and packing of things I haven't used in many, many months. I'm sure I'll try to run as much as possible too. It's that time of year when I have to try and remember to dress in layers, because it's cold when I start and then it gets too warm and if I hit the wind the wrong way, I'll get cold again.

The finished product of the bowl-cut mullet.

So, kids. What's on tap for all of you this weekend? Will you be hiding from the drunken hordes, or clearing your life of unwanted clutter?


Poptart said...

That kid looks waaaaayyyy too happy about his terrible haircut!

I am seriously on pins and needles about your house thing. Just so you know. I am a total dweeb, I know.

Remiman said...

Well if I find out about any drunken hordes in my neighborhooh, I'll definitely pull the shades and hide out.
I just found out that I'm off on Monday; je=heesh. Not much notice to plan, so I guess it'll be a clutter clearing weekend for me too.
Columbus Day was a "floating holiday" at my last employment venue and so the OR was open.

Tara said...

I had never heard of students chasing down other students for a surprise mullet. Usually kids were calling others out for a fight, but sadly no mullets were involved. I'm surprised.

There is one guy at work who has a mullet. Maybe we should chase him down and shave it off?

The weekend starts off with my going to a birthday/costume party for my friend's twin, now 3-year-old daughters. That will be fun. I work tomorrow but not for too long. Then the rest is sketchy.

Ananda girl said...

Just another quiet weekend with my fella... and grateful for it.

I love this random mulletting! What a gas. I've never seen such a thing. :-D

laura b. said...

I notice each time I move that my most important stuff virtually never comes out of its boxes...old pictures, samples of the kids' work, stuff like that.

Nice mulleting! Maybe that is what I'll do this weekend. Get myself a nice lady mullet. Hm. Maybe not.

Johnny Yen said...

Got a test Monday, so I'll be a study and working machine all weekend.