Monday, October 19, 2009

These Two Sides of My Brain Need to Have a Meeting

Here is a creepy face. Mwuaahahaha!

Hey, you know what? I forgot to tell you about the road race Coadster and I did on Sunday. It was a lot of fun. I got to talk to people I haven't seen in a while. Coadster kind of faded in the middle of the run. I'm not sure what happened, but she just really slowed down. I told her I'd keep her pace and then she picked up again at the end. It felt really good. I hadn't raced in years and years, and I forgot how much I loved it. I might start doing them on a more regular basis. Some of the girls on Coadster's cross-country team hung out with us at the starting line and were giving me the names of races coming up in the near future. Who knows? If I like the triathlon, I might start doing those on a regular basis too. I suppose all I need are more obsessions, huh?

After we got done running, Coadster and I walked down the street by the finish line and cheered on all of the people we knew coming in. That was probably the most fun. I'm such a big cheese ball about that kind of thing.

So, tonight the girls had a choir concert. It was very nice and I sat with some of my neighbors who I like a lot and don't see very often even though we live a block away from each other. I should start being better about hanging out with my neighbors right now... Especially since they may not be my neighbors for much longer.

Speaking of that. I haven't heard much word on the house stuff. The realtors changed the language in the remedy request. The lender said he didn't think the FHA people would like the idea of us needing a remedy to the house, since they want it all up to code before I move in. So, we just added the money on to the closing costs that they were going to cover. The lender told me he thought that the FHA appraiser/inspector was going to check out the house today, so I was on pins and needles all day at work. I never heard, so I think I'll call him tomorrow to see what went down. I'll let you know, as soon as I find out.


Ananda girl said...

I'll be thinking positive thoughts and sending them your way for the inspection. What a nerve-wracking thing that is!

The race sounds fun. I wish I was in good enough shape for stuff like that. I'm not there yet but I have been playing with the idea of doing one of the walks.

laura b. said...

First, I love the White Stripes. Just thought I'd mention.

I am not a runner myself (duh) but I loved it when my oldest son used to race. I am always encouraging him to take it up again. Dads need hobbies too.

Can't wait to hear more about the house stuff!!!

Remiman said...

Red tape and paper work: It's why we run right?

Pamela said...

Always always hold them to their word. Call and be a pain in the ass in a nice way. I am wishing you the BEST.

I actually have no interest in triathalons. The swimming portion would freak me out. I don't want people crawling over/around me when swimming.

Susan said...

Man I'm sorry you're not hearing anything. At least I'm at the point I don't even plan on hearing anything.

Churlita said...


Thanks. I know. I'm the worst at creating bizarre scenarios in my head. If I just knew one way or the other - even if it was bad, I could at least just move on with things.

There were plenty of people who walked and seemed to have a great time with their friends.


Dads need hobbies even more than non-dads. It's good to have a way to de-stress and get away by yourself for a while.


Exactly. it's one of the many reasons we run...That and the endorphins.


I called just called and left a message. I'll call again on his cell if he doesn't get back to me by 3.


Yeah. As we both know, the whole process is crazy-making.

MrManuel said...

I so want to get back into running, especially with my sister just having finished her first marathon!

AlienCG said...

All I can say is, remain calm, things will work out.

I'm not much of the athlete, so I won't be running any races. Good luck to you, though.

booda baby said...

Ohmygosh, that sounds so FUN - I'd love to watch you race and do all that cheering and then go have a beer. I'm pretty sure the beer's de rigeur. Or however that's spelled.

I'm not going to say anything about our house until news comes in. I'm counting on it being FANTASTIC YOU'RE A HOMEOWNER news with loads of pictures.

Churlita said...

Mr Manuel,

You should. Maybe next year, you and your sister could run a marathon together.


Thanks. I'm trying not to spaz, but you know me. I'm not always that successful.

Booda Baby,

I settled for a nap. I had the beer the night before, which made waking up in time to run kind of tricky.