Sunday, October 04, 2009

When Everybody Keeps Retreating

Coadster's Homecoming group. She's the one in the back with the side ponytail.

I tried to calm things down this weekend. Last week was so crazy, I needed a break from a lot of things. On Friday night my friend G. tried to bribe me to go out. Apparently, I can't be bought. My girls were at the game and then at a friend's and I REALLY needed some mellow, alone time. My sister suggested I watch the Benjamin Button movie and she was so right. It was like reading a novel, without the eye strain. I liked the message too: You never know how long you have with anyone - so appreciate the hell out of them while you have them. I've been saying that for years.

Stinky at her pre-Homecoming photo shoot.

Saturday was a whirlwind. At one point, I thought I'd try to do some serious cleaning, organizing, putting things in bags and boxes and quickly realized, it wasn't going to happen without me getting really, really stressed. So, I decided I needed to go on a nice relaxing run and came back feeling a million times better.

Most of the day was spent running kids and picking up kids and going to the store for a last minute boutineer and finally dealing with my girls and their friend getting ready for the Homecoming dance in our only bathroom.

It's just sparkling grape juice, so don't freak out.

The big dilemma of the day came with the picture taking. Both my girls were scheduled to have pictures within 15 minutes of each and on opposite sides of town. There was no way I could do both and since their dad didn't have a car, he couldn't help out. I asked the girls how they wanted to handle it. Coadster said she'd give this one to Stinky, if I took photos of her at prom, since it's her last year. So, that's how we did it. I do feel bad about not being able to be two places at once, but until I get to choose a super power, I have to work with what I have.

Always making with the jazz hands.

I picked up my friends around 10 and headed to the Dublin. It was kind of nice to talk to people who didn't talk in text speak. As in, "OMG! I can't find my hair straightener. WTF!" I got to talk house hunting and remodeling with some friends who bought their house about 5 years ago and then were flooded out of it for a while last Summer.

Later in the evening, there was a little drama that went down. But as my friend G. said, "As long as it isn't my drama, I can deal with it so much better." Amen to that. Finally, I drank my two beers and about a pitcher of water, and I was ready to go home. I offered anyone else a ride, but they were all out for the duration, so I head home without taxiing anyone else. The end.

Oh yeah. I hope everybody was able to watch the moon come up tonight wherever they live. It was a sight to behold.

Triathalon training this week:

I ran 30 miles and that is all. I'm putting it on the back burner until I get the house hunting taken care of. Then I plan to be back cross-training.


laura b. said...

Your girls are so lovely, Churlita, and I love the way they settled the picture taking issue on their own. I know with five kids I would have enjoyed the "be in more than one place" super power quite a lot.

My favorite line in this post must be: I ran 30 miles and that is all. If I ran 30 miles in a week, I'd expect a parade :-)

Remiman said...

The Benjamin Button movie was just awesome. I hear ya when you say; "live for the moment". Which brings me to the full moon rising. It stirs something inside me that I can't put into words adequately, but it too was awesome last night/this morning.
Rain or shine, to day is monday morning sunshine after a busy on call weekend.
Have a great week ladyrel

Tara said...

I haven't seen Benjamin Button yet, but I think I'll give it a shot. Brad Pitt won me over recently with Inglorious Basterds, so I'll watch him in that movie too.

Churlita said...


Thanks. I'm sure with all those kids, you had to make tough decisions all the time about which thing was the most important.


i love seeing a full moon too. Even if sometimes if gets me a little agitated.


He's great in it, and when he plays the younger character, he is mighty easy on the eyes.

Not Fainthearted said...

30 miles?

I still can't fathom it.