Sunday, October 25, 2009

We Rarely Practice Discern

Here is the bar right before the end of the game when we were still losing.

Another weekend is ending and I'm doing my little wrap-up post. Friday night was nice and mellow. The girls and I all decided to stay home and hang out together. It was great to have a few hours where we weren't all running around trying to get things done. We actually had time to talk to have real live conversations. We get along so much better when we can get downtime together. Ahhhh.

...And here it is a few seconds later, when we actually won the game.

The big news on Saturday was that Coadster made All-State for the third year in a row. It should help her get scholarships for college. Yea! The tricky part about it, is that it takes place in Ames, the Saturday after I'm supposed to close on my house in November. Whatever. I guess we'll just work it out, and I'll have all my friends with trucks come by that Sunday and help me move the big stuff.

Here is my friend B. driving people to distraction.

Saturday night started out really well. We beat Michigan State in the last seconds of the game. I've been calling them the Heart Attack Inducing Hawkeyes this season, because they keep winning at the end of almost every game.

The rest of the night was hit and miss. (literally) I was plagued by guys I wasn't interested in, hitting on me. Every woman knows that it doesn't matter what you look like or how heinous your personality is, if you go down to a bar, you will get hit on. I don't take it personally. I know it doesn't mean I'm special, it just means I'm there. I'm usually pretty good at dissuading guys without hurting their feelings or pissing them off, but last night things were a bit more challenging.

The first guy who bugged me was in the Writers' Workshop. He started dropping names of authors he was sure I wouldn't know in order to impress me, I guess. I'm a big book nerd, so normally I love to talk about literature, but this guy was so profoundly pretentious and condescending, even I couldn't be bothered. He kept trying to buy me drinks, but I already had my few drinks and was done for the night, so I told him to buy my friend G. drinks instead. That's what a good friend I am. After many, many times of me telling him I wasn't interested, he finally got the hint and left me alone.

After that I was having a fun conversation with some of my bicycle riding guy friends. They had been trying to get me to ride with them on a weekend, and I just hadn't had the time in the last month or so. I told them things were letting up and I'd be into riding next week. They knew I was trying to train for a triathlon, so they were giving me all these training tips, even though neither of them had ever done a trathlon. I still appreciated their advice, though.

Then a friend of mine came down with her new guy and his friends, who just happened to be from the town where I went to high school, and were about my cousin T.'s age. They were all very nice and one of them decided he was interested in me. Unfortunately, I had nothing in common with him and he wasn't particularly funny or interesting. Plus, he kept interrupting my conversations with my friends to get my attention. He and his buddies bought rounds of shots that he constantly badgered me to drink. I wasn't having any of it. If his friends weren't hanging out with mine, I probably would have been a little less polite about it. I finally got annoyed enough, that I decided to go home. I really just wanted to hang out with some of my friends and talk, and I could see that it wasn't going to happen. By that time, it was close to midnight, which is when I normally go home anyway. The good thing is, that the guy doesn't live in town and I won't have to deal with him again.

Triathlon training:

Ran 30 miles. No swimming. No biking. (hopefully, that will change next weekend).


Tara said...

That's annoying when guys try to push drinks on women. They don't seem to realize that it has a polarizing effect.

I'm glad that you and your girls got to hang out for a bit on Friday! And congrats to Coadster for making All State!!

Pamela said...

Hmm... I don't get hit on every time I go into a bar!

But, sounds like a great weekend.

Poptart said...

I have never gotten hit on in bars, either.

Churlita said...



Yeah. I hate it when guys to listen to me. If I say "no thank you," I mean it.


I can't believe you don't get hit on more than you want. I think part of it here, is the college town culture.


Maybe you just don't remember. I've been with you when guys were hitting on you. Of course, it's never the guys we want to hit on us, but that seems to be the way it goes.

Churlita said...


I meant "When guys DON'T listen to me." Duh. Sorry.

MrManuel said...

Congrats to Coadster! That is awesome!

I am so glad I don't have to do the dating scene thing!

Remiman said...

I never get hit on in bars.
However, I rarely (almost never) go to bars.
It's a shame I tell ya; a rotten shame.

Churlita said...

Mr Manuel,

Yeah. Dating sucks. Maybe that's why I don't ever do it.


I'm sure if you did go to bars, you'd be getting hit on all the time.

laura b. said...

Congratulations to Coadster!

Sounds like a basically fun weekend, even with the slow on the uptake guys hanging about.

I don't know much about bars, but I do know that come 1:30, it's all about me, baby. hahaha!