Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dancing Until The Music Stops Now

See what I mean about the plethora of mosaic photos on here?

So, tonight was a nice quiet evening at home with the girls. Aside from a few phone calls, we were all home together all night. I tried to get some cleaning done since it looks like I'll be busy the rest of the week. But it wasn't all business either. Coadster and I also took time out of our busy cleaning schedule to embarrass Stinky with our double trouble total dork-out dance party. Just seeing the look of sheer horror on her face while we used the cheesiest dance moves we could think of, made the evening for me. At one point, Stinky warned me that I was going to have to shell out a lot of dough for all the therapy she'd need because of it, but I assured her, our dance party was only one of many reasons I'd be paying for a lifetime worth of therapy for her.

It was nice to have a break, because as I've mentioned the rest of the week is full, full, full. Tomorrow night, I'll do a quick run, then meet some friends at Shakespeare's for their Wednesday supper club. I'm only doing a drive-by to that, so I can pick up Coadster and head down to hear John Irving read at 8:15. I saw him speak at Frank Conroy's memorial service, but I've never been to any of his readings before.

On Thursday, the girls are going to watch their dad in his play at the University. Since they'll be gone, I'm going to meet some friends at the Dublin for drinks. I almost never go out on Thursday night, and I've had so many people tell me that it's a really fun night at the Dublin. I'll let you know if all the hype is true.

Okay, I better trot off to bed. This may be my only real shot at a full night's sleep for a bit.


evil-e said...

I don't know about Iowa City, but Thursdays have been very good to me here in Cleveland. It is like the "third" weekend night of late. If there is a night I go boozin', it's usually Thursday.

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

Thursdays use to be popular here for bars.. But I rarely go to bars anymore.. But if I did I would want to have this one club back.. It was called Olivers... It was a great place to rock out and drink.. live music and a DJ.. I miss that place...

NoRegrets said...

That is a cool cool place. Though I imagine would cause seizures in some people.

Tara said...

I love cheesy dance moves, that sounds like so much fun.

What play is their dad going to be in?

Oh and I love that disco-ball-type deer head on the wall.

DJSassafrass said...

I love going out on Thursday nights!

Remiman said...

You mean "The Cider House Rules" John Irving. Holy shit girl that is so awsome. Can't wait to hear your report.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Thursday nights out have always been good for me; student night! Cheap drinks! Woo!

Also cheesy dance moves are my speciality - luv 'em!

Have fun on your night out!

laura b. said...

While I am not the John Irving fan I once was, I would totally be into hearing him read.
Sounds like you're up to all kinds of good stuff!

booda baby said...

Thursdays are so good. Better than Saturdays. A little like Sundays.

I saw John Irving in Iowa City. I was tempted to write something like 'how coincidental is that?' but only people from IC would know how NOT coincidental it is. (Wait. You know what I mean, don't you?) Is it possible to lie to me. I'm sure it is. You're too busy to tell the truth to me. YAY!

Churlita said...


I usually have the girls on Thursday, so I'll let you know what it's like here.


Oliver's sounds cool.


Oh, yeah. All those mosaics could probably cause a seizure for sure.


Their dad is in The Piano Lesson.


I rarely get to, so it's kind of exciting.


He was a student and a teacher here so he reads here kind of regularly.


Cheap drinks and cheesy dance moves. You are my kind of girl.


He is very entertaining.

Booda Baby,

BAck in the day, I had all kinds of John Irving and Kurt Vonnegut sightings around town. Now, he isn't here as much, and poor Kurt isn't anywhere at all.