Saturday, March 15, 2008

She Can Talk to the Mangling Strangers

It's Saturday and Erik's here so I, so I don't have time to write long. Last night was nice and mellow. Mostly we hung out at K.'s house and then went down to the Dublin for a drink. I was still pretty worse for wear from the night before.

I do remember a promise from the last post that I would post some pics from Thursday night if you were all really well behaved. Since I have no way of knowing, I'll just assume were good and show you a couple of pics anyway.

Looking at the photos from that night, they were the least flattering pics I've ever seen. There are no decent ones of me, but here's one of the rest of the crew. The guy flipping you off, wandered downstairs on his first night in town and kind of took over our table. He was actually pretty amusing and then he wandered back upstairs and we never saw him again.

FMBF/DM not only allowed me to take pics of him, he actually gave me permission to put a few up on my blog. Here's him doing his eighties hair band rocker pose. It would have looked so much better, if he still had his Bon Jovi hair from high school. I do want to thank FMBF for being such a good sport since I've given him enough shit to last a lifetime in just a few short days.


Remiman said...

Those were the days. I don't think I could do that scene anymore. Besides there are too many cigarettes around.

evil-e said...

No fair, you guys are still allowed to smoke in bars. I have to freeze to have my cigarettes with my beers. (peanut butter and jelly always go together very well).

I am actually commenting from the my 2nd home today. I am chilling at Renee's.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I figure that woman are the main cause of the original growing and eventual cutting of the Bon Jovi do's and mullets of my youth.

laura b. said...

Pictures of you would be better, but at least we get to see the famous (or is that infamous?) FMBF/DM!