Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Would Like You to Dance - Birthday

So, I attended my friend GW's birthday bash and it was super duper fun. Here's her and my friend H., so excited about another of one GW's 28th birthdays, that they had to make jazz hands.

H. left a little early, because her man just got back into town after a week long trip with his guy friends and for some strange reason, they were in a hurry to get home. Hmmmmm.

Here's the rest of us girls supporting GW in her pursuit to celebrate her birthday correctly. We are the best kind of friends that way.

Here's me finally getting a photo of myself and my favorite bartender, S. I seem a little happier about the whole experience than he does, but that's usually how these things go.

Now, I'm going to tell you a little bit about how cool my friend GW is. She used to tend bar at Gabes back in the day when it could be very, very scary. GW was perfect for that place because she doesn't take shit from anyone. She can also be a little bossy, but that never bothers me, because I'm the youngest child in my family and I'm used to that from my siblings. The other two things I love about her is, she's never not fun, and she is a great cock blocker when it is needed.

As Dex put it last night, it's kind of the opposite of a wingman. Don't get me wrong, if it was a guy she thought would be good for me, she would totally be my wingman, but if it's a jerky boy, she has my back. Last night there was a guy who was a little on the relentless side. GW kept telling him that he should leave me alone because I was too old for him. (which was so, so true) When that didn't dissuade him, she told him that I was way too much for him to handle. (which was probably also true) Of course, GW wasn't thinking that saying that to a drunk guy, was really more of a challenge than a turn off. He had to let her know that he was too much for me to handle and that somehow meant that we'd be perfect together. She was eventually able to boss some sense into him and he left us last night by shaking my hand and telling me his name. Man, I love GW.

Here is a picture of my friend D. holding up GW's boyfriend's Sam's club card that must have been taken in the eighteen hundreds. He looks a little like Borat in it, but I blame the Sam's Club people. They were the ones who made him take off his hat.

So, tonight my girl crush comes to town. I just got a text from her that said, "Do ya feel like dancin'? I'm coming to Iowa City tonite." There really was no way to answer that, other than a big, "Hell fuckin' yeah!"


Anonymous said...

why do I hear disco at the end here?


have a blast!

Mr Atrocity said...

For those about to rock, we salute you.

-RM said...

Gotta love good friends :)!

Chance said...

I'm going to put this as diplomatically as I can.

League-wise, your friend H's guy friend is... um... lucky.

He might be a terrific conversationalist.

I'm just saying.

evil-e said...

You are just yucking it up of late. Keep on rocking.

Tara said...

(innocently)...Your friend H and her man were probably rushing home to play Scrabble. That's probably it. ;)

Great photos. You and your friends definitely know how to have a fun time!

laura b. said...

You always bring the good times :-) Sounds like a most excellent birthday celebration.