Sunday, March 09, 2008

But There's No Stoppin' a Duck and His Beat

Okay. This will be another one of those, "Churlita went to St Louis, and all she brought you back was this crappy blog post" posts.

It's mostly photos, so you should like that.

So, yeah. Erik took me out for duck and we ate some duck. Weird.

We also had shrimp and walnuts and bbq ribs and some soup.

Here's me trying my first bite of duck. For some reason, my hand looks kind of deformed. Don't worry, I don't have rheumatoid arthritis. It's just the angle of the camera, or my hand, or something.

After we ate duck, Erik took me to two of his favorite St Louis bars. One was called CBGB's (no, not the one in NY) and the other one was the most visually stimulating bar in St Louis, called The Venice Cafe. A friend of Erik's who tends bar there, does all the mosaics. They are amazing and I have tons of different photos of them. Fair warning, you will be seeing plenty of mosaics in the next few blog posts.

Erik was a little too full after dinner to drink a lot of beer at first, so he had coffee. I swear to god, he didn't ask for this cup. They just took one look at him and served his coffee in it.

Here's me at what looks like a zoo, but if you expand the pic, you'll see it's really an exhibit of Simpsons figures, apparently in their natural habitat.

Here's me drinking a bucket of some kind of cocktail whose name escapes me now. You can see by all the straws, that there were plenty of people to help me drink it down.

Oh, say, like Erik, for instance.

And here we are toward the end of the night, taking photos of ourselves Stinky style.

Stay tuned tomorrow when I show you photos of the bathrooms at these bars. You know how I like to take photos of bathrooms...


evil-e said...

I like taking photos of bathrooms as well...

Sounds and looks like a fun weekend was had. You went to CBGBs...were there hobos living on the stage and rats making up the audience? I actually went to the real one about 15 years ago. I got to see Agnostic Front play there.

Hope you enjoyed being out and about, some of us spent our weekend being snowed-in. (good thing in this case).

Remiman said...

My friend Leigh's daughter is also a bathroom photography afficionado

Always love pictures of you and most especially when you're incredibly happy, as you are in these.

Tara said...

So what did you think of the duck? It looks pretty good, actually.

And a cocktail in a bucket with several straws for sharing plus a display of wild Simpsons? I like that bar, and I'm not a bar person. :)

NoRegrets said...

There you are again, wearing red. Looking fabulous...

Too bad I don't get out of my meeting hotel when I go to St. Louis or I'd track down these places.

booda baby said...

Ha! I had a Rhetoric class once and I made us do the 'Rhetoric of Bathrooms' - like the one at Saks and the Sears Tower. And my professor HATED it and graded accordingly, but when I got a little older and only a smidgen wiser, I realized he was just being a big fucking prick because there is TOOO a rhetorical position blah blah blah.

So. Did you LOVE your duck? It sounds like not so much.

Anonymous said...

I love that looking at these pictures of you two grinning one can't help but grin back. happy happy happy.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

Tell Eric that when I pass through St. Louis I expect him and me to grab a beer there too.

minijonb said...

i'll have to skip the bathroom shots, thank you!


...and that duck doesn't make my stomach sit very well either. good thing you had a bucket of booze to help.

fringes said...

While we were eating lunch in a sushi bar, Q and I started talking about you and your digital blog camera. I wonder why...

Chance said...

Lookit you rockin' the cleavage! You go girl!

MrManuel said...

Looks like a fun time. I had a duck burger once. Pretty greasy...

laura b. said...

I love all the photos of you and Erik in your own natural habitat. We'll try not to tap on the glass to much, but we get a little over excited sometimes!

Churlita said...


As we both know, some of the best graffiti comes from bathrooms.


Thanks. That's so nice of you to say. I was incredibly happy in those shots.


You would have liked that bar. It's got everything. And the duck? The duck was delish.


Thanks. Like I've said before. I'm not the biggest pink wearer, but I do like red.

If you had time, The Venice Cafe would definitely be the place to have a cocktail after your meetings.

Booda Baby,

I love your bathroom rhetoric story. And I did love the duck. We just ate a lot of food that night.


We're definitely grinners.


Totally. I'm sure he would love that and he is the best tour guide a person could have. Seriously.


Duck is rich. I'm not sure if the alcohol helps or hurts it.


Hmmm. I can't imagine. I'm sure it's not that I'm an obsessive documenter or anything...


Yeah. Yeah. Thanks.

Mr Manuel,

I can imagine how greasy a duck burger would be.


Tap away. It's always good to see you out there.