Wednesday, March 26, 2008

But Everybody Else is Overwhlemed By Indifference and the Promise of an Early Bed

Just so you know, my post has nothing to do with Scarface. I just found this amongst my other pics and I have no idea what the hell I was thinking when I took it. I just think it's funny that I did.

This will be a mercifully short post. Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions in the last post. It gives me so many things to check out on the web now...You know, because I'm sure I couldn't find anything (cough, Youtube, cough) on my own to obsess over on the lovely internets.

Tonight, the girls were at their dad's house. Now that he's done with his play, I actually have a night or two during the week to myself. (at least after 7, that is) It's kind of nice not to have to hear about what girls in eighth grade are sluts and which boys are stupid players and who broke-up with who and blah and blah. Okay, it's not that my friends don't still talk about that stuff, it's just that with my girlfriends, I at least know who the sluts and the players are so I can join in.

Anyway, I met the supper club gang out for Mexican food and margaritas. It was great, and there was a new woman there who cracked me up and I was so glad I met her. Then I went to the Dublin for one beer with my friend K. and her boyfriend A. before I went home and they went to see the Mekons. I decided not to go to the show because it was late and expensive and the food and the couple of drinks were just enough and the promise of a halfway decent night's sleep was a little more alluring to me. Hey, maybe I am capable of being responsible every once in a while after all.


Poptart said...

I'm sad you didn't go to the Mekons! I should've urged you to - they are my friends, and my other friend Derek (Rap Master Maurice!) was selling merch for them tonight. He's great. I went to both Chicago shows on Tuesday night and sold their stuff, and then found out today I have strep, so I hope everyone who bought CDs, posters and books from me is OK...

Oh well, sounds like you had a great night anyway!! That is good.

Remiman said...

I can only hope that those moments of responsible behavior don't become a habit. ;)

evil-e said...

Sometimes you have to pass on a show. I have done it a lot lately mainly because sleeping during the work week seems to be a better idea. I guess I suffer from responsibility too.

Anonymous said...

Responsibility is over-rated. BUT I am totally supportive of you listening to your body about when you need to call it a night. Yay you.

Tara said...

A good night's sleep and hitting your own bed does sound great, doesn't it?

Gyuss Baaltar said...

Whoa! A whole night of adult conversation? That's crazy.

booda baby said...

Expensive and late are more like acts of God than responsibilty, but good try, missy. Hahahaha. (Oh, that was a hahaha with more than a little woebegonedness.)

-RM said...

Sometimes calling it a nite is refreshing! Kudos and good choice. Show would've been ruined anyway with you dragging. I know I have done that and wished I had stayed home.

laura b. said...

Sounds like an evening featuring both grown-up fun and grown-up decision making. I am muy impressed :-D

Churlita said...


I know. I just couldn't swing it. I hope you get better soon.


Don't you fret, Rel. I think you know me better than that.


It's all about how much you're willing to pay for it later, I suppose.


Yea! me, indeed. Sometimes my body is too loud not to listen.


And how.


I know. Tell me about it. Too bad if I'm there, the conversation doesn't stay too adult.

Booda Baby,

I hear you.


I think you're right.


Yeah. Just don't start getting used to it.

Anonymous said...

There's something oddly Freudian about the picture in your post. Are you wanting to say hello to his 'little friend'? hehe.

Long_Division said...

Weird! I just posted a Scarface related post. Must be something Scarfacey in the air...