Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring's a Girl From the Streets at Night

Okay. Here's the dealio. St Patrick's Day is over and it was one for the record books. The other thing is, that my friends are the awesomest that ever lived. Here are my girls at Micky's right before our food came. The corned beef was just about perfect.

Then we went down to the Dublin Underground where I was apparently totally comfortable being my own spazzy self.

Here's a group shot of most of the fun girls who happened to be down there. I don't know when the last time all of us were in the bar at the same time.

I don't know if I've mentioned how awesome my friend D. is. She will always dance to every song with me and she knows just what to do and say, right when I need it.

As you can see, she's also smokin' hot, and that never hurts.

These next two guys were tending bar tonight and definitely need their props too.

Aw. Just look at him. Don't you want him to pour you a pint and dispense you tons and tons of shit? Because he's good for both.

I always have to get a pic of the guy who has the cajones to wear a kilt out in public. Plus, he did a hell of a job taking that group girl photo at the top of this post.

And finally. This is my newest, favoritest couple around. Oh, but it warms a girl's heart to see it.

Okay, that was my St. Pat's day. Sure, it was a little messier in person on my part, but then it always is. So, what the hell did you all do tonight?


fringes said...

I did absolutely nothing. Thanks for asking!

Mr Atrocity said...

Well, let me see. I worked late (again) but then we had home-made pizza and then apple crumble for dinner and listened to Purcell's "Dido and Aeneas". None of it very celtic but good nonetheless.

Tara said...

I went to choir and then went to the store to buy some corned beef to cook in my crock pot (haven't done that yet, though)and some wine. I probably should've gotten beer, though.

Those are some cute guys at those restaurants! Especially the bartenders. The kilt guy looks fun.

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

I did nothing much.. played poker and watched a movie.. your night out was really fun by the looks of it..

DJSassafrass said...

Good fun times! I ended up working until almost 8pm. First time in years I haven't done any big St. Pat's stuff!

booda baby said...

Bushmill's and Guinness on a fairly empty stomach. We did stuff I don't remember too well. Nothing crazy, but ... wait. I don't remember too well, so maybe it was.

egan said...

You rocked St. Patty's Day yo! It looks like you had enough fun for five people. I love the pictures as they add to the experience; love that you got shots of the bartenders. Well done.

Brando said...

I was thankful I didn't work for Bear Sterns and would have to leap off a tall building.

That looks like a blast. You can never go wrong with the Dublin.

laura b. said...

You were living my fantasy St Patricks! Way to go :-)

Remiman said...

Blew my nose a gazillion times and tried very hard to cough my lung up.

evil-e said...

You read what I did....

Glad you had fun...sort of a therapeutic event for you.

She is hot by the way.

Anonymous said...

Your brother-in-law owns and wears at least three kilts and has wore them in public lots of times. He has great legs, too. He drinks a lot of Guiness when given half a chance. The nephews and Tom's bro came by and they played Irish music in the basement and Tom and Paul drank a couple of pints of Guiness. Your favorite sissy

Churlita said...


That sounds relaxing.

Mr Atrocity,

I would have been happy with that evening too.


It's a college town. It's full of cute guys. Most of them are very very young, however.


You night sounds mellow and restful.


How's the new job going?

Booda Baby,

I'll assume you had all kinds of whacky hijinks.


Thanks. It was a good way to take my mind off of other things.


I just wish you and TLB had been there.


Come visit then you can play too.


I'm sorry you're not feeling well.


Isn't she? Plus she's smart and amazing in every other way too.


I never noticed Tom's legs before. Maybe I need to see him in a kilt again. Your St Paddy's day sounds good too.