Tuesday, October 24, 2006

You Say It's Easy, Just a Natural Thing

I know I already posted this photo on my other blog, but I still haven't painted it, and thats' what I want to talk about tonight. Last Winter I did some research on what kind of painting I wanted to make from it. Now I think I have that down, I need to work on the logistics of completing it.

I've decided to paint the dryers their original 70's alternating harvest gold and autmn rust colors, and then draw Coadster on white paper with black ink, all comic book style and adhere her to the painting.

To that end, my friend S. was nice enough to go on an ink and kick-ass Japanese paper buying expedition to Dick Blick this past Saturday. When Stinky was little, she mistakenly called it Dink Blink and then Dick Blink and I was hesitant to correct her because it was cute and wrong - an adorable combination coming from a four year old. I also didn't want to correct her when she called Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lezbo or pepperoni, peckeroni. Don't worry, by the time she went to kindergarten, I fixed it and she dropped her PG rating.

Where was I again? Oh yeah, at Dick Blick, my friend S. helped me figure out what kind of ink and brushes to use and then we went through drawers of paper that was more like fabric and she taught me that I should put my tongue on the paper to make sure it wasn't sticky. But then told me to lick my fingers and touch the paper with them. I'm still not sure if that was a real concern, or if she just thought it would be fun to watch me make an ass out of myself in public - again.

To help me figure out all the possiblities of working with ink, I cooked up a bunch of food and my friend S. and I went to my friend A.'s house on Saturday night. We ate and drank wine and played with ink and paper. I wish I had S. and A.'s drawings because they were a million times better than mine. These two were my experiments after much wine and a full belly.


Remiman said...

Love the one of the sea gulls and bluejays. The poop on the side walk didn't speak to me. lol :0

I am looking forward to seeing more of the inner you.

Margaret said...

The "poop on the side walk" spoke to me. The blots and sharper lines contrast beautifully. Did you take the photograph?

booda baby said...


Can't help myself because I loooove Joseph Cornell SO much -
http://www.guggenheimcollection.org/site/artist_work_md_32_3.html - but wouldn't this make a kick ass shadow box? Why yes, yes, I think it would. Well, I'D like to see it in that medium.

Churlita said...


I must have been channelling Richard Bach that night.

Be careful what you look forward to, the inner me can be a dark and scary place.


I think there are meds for that. I did take that photo back when I had a much better camera than I do now.

Booda Baby,

Thanks for the link. I'll check it out when I get off work and get back to you.

dolittle said...

Oh please oh please tell us that you'll share the finished piece with us no matter how long it takes you!

Churlita said...

Okay, but you may have to use the internet connection at your rest home.

Remiman said...

I've been in dark scarey places often. I'm not sayin' I've n'er ben sceered, but I'm here and I ain't backin' away. lol ;-0

Churlita said...

You're a brave man, Rel.