Sunday, October 15, 2006

We Gotta Get Over Before We Go Under

Letting go of my first blog this week was tougher than I thought it would be. It is sometimes hard for me to get over stuff. So, while I'm at it, here are some more things that are over for me right now - both good and bad.

Cross country finally ended last Thursday. I would be a little more excited about having a break from my chauffer duties, if swimming didn't start tomorrow for Stinky.

With the record breaking lows last week, Summer is definitely over. And while I absolutely love Fall, I am ever wary of the coming Winter. You'd think I'd be used to it after living in Iowa on and off for the last twenty-seven years, but I'm still whiney about it every year.

When the girls were younger, this was typically the time of year we would take their Christmas pictures for the family. The days of putting the girls in velvet dresses and happily posing for holiday photos are definitely over.

From now on, this is as close as I'm going to get to the girls posing for seasonal photos. At least Stinky's not shoving that snowball in Coadster's face. I'll have to put this in with the Christmas letter where I tell the family all about the wonderful time we had at Stinky's birthday party this year. Or maybe I'll just simplify it and send a postcard to everyone that says,

"Dear Family,

We are still just as po' white trash as last year.


The Churls

I am happily over wearing bangs, braces and argyle sweater vests. I'm also pretty sure you'll never see my sister with feathered hair again either. Hell, how's about I just breathe a huge sigh of relief that the early eighties are over too. Ahhhhh.

I know on my last blog I said I wasn't going to post anymore photos of me as an adult, but I think I was seventeen here, so I wasn't technically grown-up. Which is good, since I could have gone to prison for a long, long time had I been tried as an adult for wearing that sweater vest in public. Plus, I have such a short memory and the urgency of five days ago seems to have dissipated. So, as of right now, I'll still post photos of me as an adult if they are particularly funny and/or ridiculous and/or if I need to rely on one for a sight gag. As usual, these self-imposed rules are at the mercy of my whims.


Julie in L.A. said...

Ha! I love the argyle sweater pic. you know, I thought the 80s were over, too, and boy was I glad until I ambled around the mall lately and saw all the fashions. Leggings under skirts again? And, I hope this time, people will remember that leggings are a privilege--not a right. Glad to see you're up and running on the new blog!

Churlita said...


I was talking about that with some friends too. My daughter's new tan and pink Vans would totally have matched the pink Ocean Pacific shirt I wore to my first day of classes in college in 1983...And don't get me started on leggings. If I wasn't feeling anxious in general before, that would definitely do it for me.

Remiman said...

Whimsical is a delightful thing;-)

Margaret said...

I'm glad to hear you'll be making up the rules as you go along.

Churlita said...


Thank you. I don't know if my daughters would always agree with you.


That's pretty much how I've lived my life...Not always with the most positive results.

Brando said...

Oh, the days of the Op t-shirts and shorts. Although I gravitated toward Pony sneakers in those days.

Dig the new blog, I will update my blogroll today.

Churlita said...


You don't even have to be nostalgic anymore, because it's all coming back again.


Mark said...

I really like the picture of you and your sister. I don't even notice the dated fashion (ok, a little bit, but it adds to the nostalgic quality). I just see two loving sisters with charming personalities (I remember M. from this time, and this photo portrays her character well).

Churlita said...

Yeah, I have another one of us in a similar pose from the early sevenites and M. is wearing go-go boots and a super mini-dress and I'm all dorked out in gingham and Mary Janes. The old pics are so funny.

karrie said...

Argyle vests are back--I just saw a picture of Britney Spears wearing one. (Check if curious)

Scary but true. For BS, an improvement, but the rest of us should steer clear.

Churlita said...

I am so sick of Brittany Spears trying to copy me. First I date Kfed and then she has to date him. Then I wear an argyle sweater vest and then now she is...

broinlaw said...

I wouldn't mind seeing that pic of M. in the go-go boots...


Churlita said...

I thought you alread saw it. But check your e-mail and I'll send it to you.