Thursday, October 26, 2006

Those Who Feel Me Near, Pull the Blinds and Change Their Minds

Here are some random observations I've Made Today:

Railroad tracks are inherently lonely.

Railroad tracks set to the backdrop of an October sunset can turn me all Emo.

2.) When I am very tired, I mean really, really tired and I am forced to sit in a cubicle doing tedious processing kinds of tasks, I can feel like I did when I used to eat acid. My head gets all itchy and I keep seeing sudden movements in my peripheral vision. It's almost painful to sit at my desk amongst the beige and the more beige. Then the cheesy internet radio station I listen to at work because I need something that showcases songs I know all the words to in order to stay awake, plays David Bowie's "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)" and in my exhaustion haze, I am certain that he is quite pointedly singing that song for me and I am extremely grateful.

3.) When I am sleep deprived, I can be forgetful about just how adorable I am when I'm crabby and spaced-out. Coadster, who is sometimes so much like me that I want to write her a twenty page apology letter, isn't always the best sleeper either. After I see her adorable, sleep deprived, crabby, spaciness mirrored back to me, I vow to go to bed at eight every night whether the shit gets done in my house or not.

4.) The man sitting next to me at Coadster's orchestra concert tonight, smelled exactly like my grandmother. He was rugged and swarthy so I thought it odd that he was wearing old lady perfume. I'm not sure if I find that disturbing, or kind of hot.

5.) I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that I'm a smidge pre-menstrual right now.


Margaret said...

Hah ha, you sat next to the swarthy man who'd done and old lady since his last shower!

Churlita said...

I didn't think about that - her perfume was still lingering on his person. He really was a stud.

pathetic middle-class poseur said...

Itchy head acid trips, forgot about that part of it. I remember riding Cambus after a shroom, acid, shroom 3 day binge. Way beyond itchy head at that point. God I miss that freedom.

Churlita said...

the cambus + acid = bad trip.

A friend of mine once said he was glad he dropped acid when he was younger, because he would never have done it after 30. Who has the time and who wants to deal with all that mind expansion? I prefer to shrink my brain now.

matt said...

I don't even like to drink that much anymore. After much life experience and hard work I really like completely focused conciousness. I don't regret tripping, smoking or drinking but I don't plan on doing it any time soon.

I do like your blog, you're pretty cool. You've been through alot and you've come out stronger.

Churlita said...


Thanks a lot. I don't do much of that anymore. When I talk about being drunk, it's usually on about 2 beers or two glasses of wine. Once again, i don't have the time to be hung-over or high. I definitely don't miss the wasted days either.

Anonymous said...

I have always liked the view of tracks from the new Summit St bridge. Where did you shoot this one?

Churlita said...

I just so happened to take this from the new Summit Street bridge.