Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ain't Holding Nothing Back

This is a construction site on North Dodge where I played on Sunday afternoon.

So, I observed some things and now I'm going to document them.

1.) It seems like every year I walk to work and wonder why there are so many theater majors hanging-out on campus, and then I remember it's Halloween and all those people are wearing capes as part of their costumes.

2.) I used some lyrics from the song, "Monster Mash" to title my post yesterday and it reminded me of third grade. I had the 45 of "Monster Mash" as well as Cheech and Chong's "Sister Mary Elephant" in my brown suede purse that I swung in circles in front of me seemingly defying gravity. I took my chances and slowed it down and both 45's fell out, smashing on the ground. It was my first, true, Newtonian moment.

3.) This man I work with has had hearing problems from chronic ear infections, but he's a guy, so he also has selective hearing. Since he works with almost all women, he used to tune us all out, until I had a brainstorm. Anytime I really want his attention, I say the word football before my sentence and he can suddenly hear me. It's much like when Stinky was little and everyone thought she might be hard of hearing because she never reacted when people said things like, "Okay, your turn is over, you have to share your shiny, red truck with your cousin now," or "Let's all put away our toys." Then I would demonstrate just how sensitive her hearing was by whispering, "Hey Stinky, do you want a cookie?" and she would run right over to me.

4.) While I was walking home from work today, a guy dressed like the San Diego chicken was by some bike racks poppin' and breakin' to the song, "Brick House". He finally stopped, unlocked his bike and dramatically crossed himself before hopping on his bike and riding it one-handed in order to free his other hand so he could hold his boom box that was still blaring "Brick House". Apparently, it was so important to have his theme song going while he rode, that he would risk his own life. I always knew the San Diego Chicken was dedicated.

5.) November 1st is the 15th anniversary of the Gang Lu shootings. I can't believe it happened so long ago. We were living in Albuquerque, I was pregnant with Coadster at the time, and we were supposed to move back to Iowa City that day. CNN had really confusing coverage of the whole thing, so we didn't figure out what really happened until after we drove back. I know I've already plugged this before, but you should really read Jo Ann Beard's non-fiction story about this, "The Fourth State of Matter". It's in her collection entitled The Boys of My Youth - actually, you should read the whole book, it's very good.


Trevor Jackson said...

I had to read Number 4 a couple times. It's not enough to dress like a chicken. It's not enough to ride a bike dressed like a chicken. To really make an impression, you've got to be a religious Rick James-lovin' bicycle-ridin' chicken with derring-do. I love this town.

Can't believe it's been 15 years. I was a junior in high school.

Churlita said...


I think part of it is that I didn't write it very well. But another woman I work with said she saw him riding his bike with one hand and his mask still on through all the bus traffic. I have to say, I was impressed.

Wait. My co-worker just showed me the guy's picture in the paper and he wasn't the San Diego chicken, he called himself the Disco Chicken. I don't think it makes any more sense, though.

Margaret said...

that's pretty cleaver, figuring out how to over-ride the selective hearing

Churlita said...

The trick is to figure out what they're interested in and then use it against them.

Trevor Jackson said...

It wasn't the writing that made me read it twice. It was definitely disbelief. And bleary morning eyes.

And, not to get all polimitical, but your response to Margaret could be read as a summation of the Republican spin machine strategy in under 20 words. Nice work.

Churlita said...

Yes, let's get all polimitical - it's the season.

You outted me. All that liberal crap I'm always spewing is really just a cover for my job as part of the Republican spin machine...And speaking of spinning, my mom is probably doing just that in her grave, at me even joking about working for Republicans.