Sunday, October 29, 2006

October, and the Leaves Are Stripped Bare of All They Wear

We are getting to the ugly end of Fall here. I cut Hibernation Weekend 2006 short because the weather defied me and got really nice and so I went out to play. I ran my seven mile route and while I was running, I noticed all kinds of shit that absolutely had to be photographed. So, I went back and took me some pictures. I'm not too worried about missing the last part of my festival of dormancy - I'm sure in the next few months, every weekend will be Hibernation Weekend.

The main thing I felt compelled to document was this barn on North Scott (Road/Street/Place/Drive/Vista?). Every year they dress this place up with all kinds of creepy Halloween stuff. I think this giant, inflatable spider was supposed to be frightening, but then it appears to have had a seizure and now I just feel bad for it.

This little window here had to be my favorite. the green goblin is sufficiently scary and the gigantic rats gnawing on the severed foot was a really nice touch.

The hand on a stick just cracked me up. It seemed more like something that should be deep fat fried and served at the zombie State Fair.

I discovered the most disturbing thing of all when I was getting ready to leave. They actually staked this real dead raccoon to the ground with its own blood smeared on it. After seeing it, I was kind of glad the girls were too tired to come with me.

The fright didn't end just because I went home either. Oh no it didn't. Stinky and I carved pumpkins tonight. Coadster was so tired from getting up at 5:30 on Saturday morning to support her cross country teamates as they won state in Fort Dodge and then waking up around 6 this morning to participate in Kinnick Stadium clean-up to raise funds for high school athletic teams, that she went to bed at 7 pm. Or else, she was smart and knew better than to get too close to Stinky when she had a knife in her hand.


Margaret said...

Is the dead racoon for authentic Halloween odor?

Churlita said...

You know, I didn't really notice any emanating funk, but it was pretty windy yesterday.

Anonymous said...

breaking out with the old school U2 lyrics... I think I still have this on cassatte, along with Boy...10th grade or maybe 9th? eek.

Churlita said...

I know. I used to run to it with my walkman and it still cracks me up - that and Concerts for the People of Kampuchea (sp?).