Friday, January 27, 2017

I Think It's Time We Stop, Children. What's That Sound. Everybody Look What's Going Down

Before we start this weekend, I want to write about last weekend. Last weekend was the first time I felt hope for this country in a while. With the women's march, I finally got to see democracy at work again. If you don't understand why we have to march, please reference my last blog post. One of the first things T. Rump said when he got into office was that he was cutting funding for The Department of Justice's Violence Against Women Project. Since Trump's good buddy Putin just decriminalized domestic abuse in Russia. What is wrong with people? Anyway, tons of women were out marching and it was lovely. My friend Annie even put my name on her sign for the Washington March in solidarity. It sounds like there will be more and more marches in the future too. How else do we fight fascism? Anyway we can.

Since it was in the 50's, we decided to go on a nice, long, bike ride to Kalona. As you can see by the mud freckles, it was a little wet, but not too bad.

We rode to the brew pub and had a wonderful meal. While we were there, some friends of ours came in. They were at a pool tournament in Riverside and went to Kalona for lunch. While we were there, I mentioned to them that we were engaged, but we didn't want to tell a lot of people. Of course, our friend Dawn asked if she could take a picture of us and announce our engagement on Facebook. John agreed as long as she didn't tell people when we were getting married. In his head, if our friends knew where to find us, they would all crash our wedding and he wants it to be as small as possible. Like he says, "they require two witnesses and unfortunately, they won't let us use the cats for that..."

We headed home and saw many horse and buggies, but also a ton of bald eagles. We stopped to get a better look at one and John said, "Look at him. He's sizing us up to see if he can carry us off..."

We got home and Burne and our other friend, Adam came over and ate black bean chili and cornbread with us.

On Sunday I ran my 3.5 mile route and then got ready for another bike ride. It was colder on Sunday and the winds had changed and were coming from the North, so we headed for a very hilly 35 mile bike ride to Solon.

Man, am I out of shape on the big hills in January. We usually can't ride there this time of year, so it was "interesting" (read: sad) to see just what kind of shape I'm in...Or not. It did feel good to get out and ride for two days in a row and we got 85 miles in for the weekend. Probably the best I've ever done for the 2nd to last weekend in January.

We were happily surprised at Big Grove's Winter menu. The had excellent new salads and a Borscht soup. It had some kind of meat base, so I couldn't eat a bowl of it, but our friend Burne did and let us try it and it was really good.

On Sunday night, John went to play pool with his friend Bryan and I had a night alone with the cats. It was so nice to just chill out at home and read my bike and rest my weary muscles.

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